The Top 7 Best Anti-Virus Apps for Your Mobile Phone


Your home computer and your laptop are not the only things that need antivirus protection. You also need to have one for your mobile phone.  Below we have compiled a list for you, of the best apps that we think will benefit your mobile phone so you can protect your phone and the data you have stored in it.

Norton Mobile Security

The most popular antivirus protection has come up with a mobile phone version of their well trusted product. You can be satisfied with the antivirus and malware protection as well as the lock out option for unwanted calls and messages. You can also use remote locking should your phone get lost in the future.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Enjoy real time protection, spam protection and data encryption. You can also benefit from the firewall and parental controls should you need them. It works with most smart phones and different operating systems.

BitDefender Mobile Security

Many users are happy about the antitheft protection and the audit function that this app gives. It is considered user friendly and easy to use. It also does not use much battery so your battery does not drain out easily.

ESET Mobile Security

You can benefit from the firewall, remote wipe, and spam guard. Aside from that you can also make use of file quarantine in case of virus attack, then use the disk space and battery level checker. This is considered one of the best mobile security there is in the market.

BullGuard Mobile Security 10

Aside from the standard antivirus and spyware protection, you can have your calendar and contact list monitored for any possible suspicious activity. You can also track your phone when it gets lost, wipe the date out when you cannot find your phone, and guard your phone from spam. Parents can use firewall and parental controls to protect their kids from using their phone unauthorized.

AVG Mobile Anti-Virus

You can find this free app from the Android market. It checks your phone for viruses and have automatic scans as well. You can also set up GPS tracking which is useful when you lose your phone. If you cannot locate your phone anymore, you can remotely lock it or delete everything in it.

AhnLab Mobile Security

This gives you protection from worms and viruses that attack the data on your phone. You can also have real time antispam and antivirus monitoring. If you like browsing the internet, you can benefit from the URL filtering as well.

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