Things To Look For Before Buying a Smartphone


Smartphones is one such technology innovation which some people liked and made the shift to it while some prefer to stick to their standard old phones. But if you are the one who have finally made his mind to take the plunge and buy one smartphone for yourself then before you must be aware of few things which should be considered before buying a smartphone. As the options list is endless some are good to look, some have great storage, others are with great camera features which can make the decision making process quite confusing and difficult.

But let us make things quite easy. There are five main things which you should check before selecting the right phone for you:

Point No 1: The Price

Pricing options for mobiles has wide spectrum range from very low to very high. Same goes for the smartphones, which comes with many different price ranges depending upon the features involved. There are two methods in which you can pay the price: one is pay as you go and the other one is opt for monthly EMI system. With second option one will be in contract with the dealer and pay reduced upfront price for the phone.

If you opt for pay-as-you-go service, you have to pay the full price of the phone at the time of the purchase.

Point No 2. Your Reason To Choose Smartphone

A phone is called a smart phone as it is having the most technologically advanced features in it. But you may not need or want to use the greatest smartphone. Any basic smartphone gives you access to your emails, text messaging, internet surf options, uploading pictures and video and of course the basic purpose of making calls.

Some smartphones come with large memory and high processor, high resolution camera. More the advance the features more will be the price. Some may support online movie streaming. So check o your necessitates and buy the phone accordingly.

Point No 3. Phone Battery Life

This is one area where smartphone lack behind the old technology phones. All the extra features present in the smartphone drains out the phone battery in couple of hours. So before selecting on the phone, research the battery life. Read phone review sites only, know what the users are saying about it.

If you are not an app freak, and rarely use your phone just to make phone calls and few text messages in a day then battery life will not be an issue for you. On other side if you like taking pictures from your phone, access internet, do lot of uploading and downloading of data then you should go for a smartphone which has a battery life that will last long for couple of hours when used heavily.

Point No 4. Ease to Use (UserFriendly)

Just don’t look out for phones online visit few shops and ask for working models of the particular phone. This will give you the practical feel of the phone, how smooth is its touch screen; does it feel comfortable to hold in hand, how user friendly it is? What is the weight of the phone, does it feel heavy in a pocket?

These are few important questions which only a physical inspection of the phone can give. All this will give you a clear picture of how would you feel after making a shift from traditional phone to a smartphone.

Conclusion: Final Decision

Before going for a traditional or a smartphone think of your usage, your likes. If you are frequently using your phone for work related tasks then go for high end smartphone having all the latest technologies. However, if you want a phone for more of a personal usage, then you don’t need to spend high price, and can easily go for less advance smartphones.

Author Bio: Catherine Jones writes for business services. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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