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Three Social Media Sites You Should Keep Your Eye On



Tumblr has grown exceptionally large over the last few years and has creeped its way onto the top list of social media to use. It has a close similarity to WordPress, but so does every blog.

Here are some interesting facts about Tumblr (2011 stats):

  • 33,313,879 Tumblrs
  • 12,255,883,250 posts
  • 38,000 posts per minute
  • There has been a 218% growth from June 2010 to June 2011, far outpacing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Tumblr value has grown from three million dollars to 800 million dollars since its last evaluation
  • 51% of the users are male and 49% Female


Pinterest is a virtual pin board where people can attach images to their pin board and categorise it for future use. It’s amazing how simplistic this social media is but how popular it has become. The functionality is smooth and has an appealing, simplistic layout.

You can also browse other people’s pins on their dashboard which correlates with your interest. At the moment it’s an invite only social media, but surely as time passes it should open to users due to the increase of requests. Using this social media you will be interacting with millions of other users and be able to expose your product, service and brand to more people.

Some interesting facts about Pinterest (2011 stats):

  • With 429% growth in unique visitors it’s far outpacing Tumblr’s visitors.
  • Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+


Groupon is expanding its reach to different countries and people are making a steal, bargain-wise that is. Groupon is a site where businesses can offer their services or wares at a discount if groups of people buy the special. It’s not full on a social media site but it has some features of a social media platform.

Some statistics for Groupon just from the UK and Europe (2011 stats):

  • 92% of business owners says Groupon brings in quality customers
  • There are 5,500,000+ subscribers in the UK and Europe alone
  • 89% of customers said they would go back to the business after buying through Groupon
  • It’s 94% more effective than broadcast advertising and 86% more effective than print
  • 31,160,681 Groupon deals were purchased in the year 2011
  • 56% discount made through Groupon
  • Google wanted to buy Groupon for $6,000,000,000,000 (six billion dollars)

The name of the game is to use as many social media platforms to expose your company as possible. Keep up with the latest trends of social media platforms and you should be able to drive vast amounts of traffic to your website or your client’s website.

Ruan Smit is an experienced content writer who enjoys browsing the internet for new social networks. Luckily he now not only has adsl but uncapped adsl.

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