Three Solar Energy Truths You Need To Know Before Making The Switch


One look at your electric bill may be enough to convince you to try out one of the many alternative energy systems available to the public. No doubt, the most popular choice would be solar energy. According to the information released by U.S. Energy Information Administration as of 2011, thirteen percent of the energy used by the entire nation can be attributed to renewable sources. This means that not a lot of people have taken that green leap although all of these extreme climate changes keep telling us that it’s high time to do so. But before you do just that, here are some things to consider:

The direction and the location of the solar panels on your roof have to be exact.

While there are now solar panels that can be attached to the walls of your house, majority are still mounted on roofs but the thing is that they should be attached a certain way. Studies have shown that panels facing the south receive the most rays from the sun. If a huge section of your roof is oriented towards the east or west, then you may need to adjust the tilt on your solar panels. Of course, your roof should not be obstructed with trees and other structures to get maximum sun exposure.

Don’t attempt to move to some off-the-grid location just yet.

One of the reasons for why most people decide to utilize solar energy is because they think that they can afford to live in an off-the-grid location if they do since they’ll no longer be dependent on electric companies. But while this is a possibility, the generation of energy by your solar panels may not be enough to power your day-to-day needs. This means that you’ll have to rely on electric companies to some extent. But what if your panels generate more electricity than you can consume? You can actually earn from the extra power because they go back into the grid and the electric company can buy the excess from you.

Seasons will cause fluctuations on the amount of energy your solar panels generate.

Another reason for why you should consider staying on the grid is because during winter season when there is reduced sunlight, your solar panels might not be able to make enough electricity. But if you really are serious about weaning yourself from electric companies, then think about having wind turbines since the wind is generally stronger during this time of the year.

Anthony Brewster, the writer, is passionate about solar panels and alternative energy. He shares valuable insights and tips about getting solar power installed at home like solar power adelaide.

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