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These days social media is becoming more and more important for businesses everywhere. Many companies don’t think they need social media for their organization. A used car dealership may see little need for it and in some way they are right, but in other ways they are wrong. Here is why. You may not need it to interact with your costumers but you do need it if you want to rank well in S.E.O. Googles newest algorithms put a strong emphasis on natural, social media links, so if you don’t use social media it will be harder to rank. Here are some ways to use it.

Google Plus
Everyone is asking about Google Plus. Do they need it? Is it important? Google Plus has yet to catch on in with the popular public and probably won’t so in that case no it isn’t. What is important is that Google created it and Google places some emphasis on it. In other words, when it comes to S.E.O. what is important to Google should be important to you. You can use Google Plus to create links associated with key words to your company’s website. While no one knows for sure because Google keeps this all on the hush-hush, doing this on a daily basis should help to elevate your S.E.O. for key terms.

Tumblr is a blog site that allows users to see everyone’s blog with certain hash tags and repost or “like” them. It provides a very simple and easy to use interface that allows you to post images, links, quotes and other multimedia that can be linked to your web site. So a used car dealer may post an image of a cool antique car to catch your attention with the and say “see our used cars for your next ride.” You can link your website to your text. You would use the hash tag #cars and anyone searching for car can see your post. One great benefit of using an image is that you can also set a click through site on the image which then gives you two links. You can use links, quotes etc. but I prefer images because people will often reblog pictures they like thus giving you even more links.

The advantage of Tumblr is how connected it is to other blogs. That being said blogging in general is a great way to drive S.E.O. A used car dealership might have a blog about auto repair and automobile issues in general. Just one entry a week with a key term linking to your website can make a difference. That being said, to boost your sites authority you need to link to several outside sources. You might link to an automobile magazines site on the sidebar and you can always bookmark your posts to help boost their presence. Creating a blog with authority takes time and dedication but it can be done and it will pay off. Blogger is a great site for blogging because it is Google owned and has a built in Google Plus feature.

There are plenty of other way as well. Bookmarking is huge and sites like Twitter and Pinterest have potential as well. It simply comes down to the more variety of sources you have the better off you are.

Jeff Jordan writes and lives in Southern California. He writes about social media, marketing and S.E.O. People looking for used cars can turn to social media to  help them find a good deal.

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