Three Ways To Increase The Credibility Of Your Blog


Blogging is all the rage nowadays and there are few ways that you can make your blog stand out from all the rest and that is knowing how to increase your blogs credibility. There are few things that most visitors look for when they click through to your site that puts them at ease and lets them know that you are an authority.

If these indicators are not satisfied within the first five-ten seconds then most visitors will just click the back button and leave your site without even reading your content.

In this article I’m going to go over three of these indicators that set alarm bells ringing in the minds of website visitor.


This is one of the first things that visitors will do when they land on one of your articles and that is to scroll right to the bottom or the end of the article and see if there are any comments. Now if there are no comments then this basically tells the viewer that this article is not really worth reading.

I’m not saying that all readers are the same and there are some that will read your content whether it has comments on it or not. But the more comments you have at the bottom of your article the more chance more people read it.

A reader can tell if your blog is very busy and successful by the amount of comments that are left at the end of articles. Typically if an article has 5 to 10 comments at the bottom it means that the content must be good and worthy of the viewers time to read because people have left comments.

Blogging History

When you have a history or a good amount of articles on your website this basically shows the reader your commitment to your blog. Now if you have been blogging for a few years this will show the visitor that you must be an authority in the subject.

Another added bonus is that the visitor will stick around your blog for much longer because they have so much content to read.

This is one of the reasons why you have to be consistent with your blogging and continue to write fresh content at least twice a week so you can build up your blogs credibility.

More Content

Content is the most important thing that you need to have to be able to raise the credibility of your blog. Without content your blog will be like a plant without water after a while it will die.

You need unique content to be able to develop a loyal reader base.

For me personally I find that my best traffic comes from return visitors. Return visitors tend to stay on your website for long periods of time and this is one of the things that you need to become an authority in the eyes of Google.

You need to have a loyal reader base because they are more likely to comment on your posts and share them with their networks.

These are three very simple ways how you can increase the credibility of your website or blog over the next coming months. So make sure you take action and incorporate these tips into your blogging strategy.

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