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Converting text to audio would have appeared impossible in the last few years but not more. Technology is moving in fast to make life easier for those who are ready and willing to move with time. Moving text to audio may involve simple tricks or complex applications which may require time to understand how they operate. Audio is better preferred and better tool of communication as it requires less effort on the recipient and the message is conveyed in a better way.

Microsoft inbuilt speech software

This is an easy tweak of the notepad on a normal daily use computer. A special code is copied into the note pad and saved as audio.vbs. Run the application and enter the desired text for conversion. Listen to the converted speech and judge whether it suits your required need.

Using the search engine

There are numerous applications available in the web for converting text to audio which are free for use. They are simple and direct to use as all that is required is to transfer the file to be converted and paste the text. Choose the preferred voice and submit. Listen to the audio version of the document.

Text to speech function in windows 7

Artificial production of speech is known as speech synthesis which is an important tool in the modern world. Speech synthesizer can be implemented in either hardware or software. Two voices are available for use in windows 7 which include one localized and the other for English version. The Microsoft narrator has the capacity to read the screen although the functions are simple.

All the applications available for the conversion of text to audio have a similar method of application. They all use a command line in their conversion. There is no need of incurring expenses to purchase the application for conversion while they are available in windows and in the internet.

A sample of websites which convert text to audio

  1. HearWho: converts 500 characters at a time in the free account. Registered members have the privilege of choosing from a range of voices.
  2. ABC2MP3: there are 4 voices to choose from and the file can be down loaded into MP3 format. ABC2MP3 can handle 2,000 characters at the same time.
  3. iSpeech: blog posts can be converted and stored in MP3 embedded and shared.
  4. Festvox: offers 5 audio voices and the files can be formatted in sun, aiff or wav among many others.
  5. PediaPhon: this application is multi linguistic and supports Spanish, German and English among others.

The above are just a few of the applications available in the web sites. You can take time to identify the application that best suit your need. For storage of social related information most of the application offers the correct voice choice. For commercial use the voice choice is important as the leads will depend on the ability of the voice to persuade or convince the consumers. Text or audio the coming few years technology may give us a better converting application.

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