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1115855_blogAny blogger with a modicum of experience online knows the importance of boost blogging productivity. You can only make money online through blogging if you are producing on a persistent basis. No blog posts means no readers, leads or money, for that matter. If you are prepared to honestly assess what you are doing and why you are doing it, and if you gauge your metrics, becoming productive grows easier.

Honesty is the best blogging policy. Pull out a pen and paper. List out each blogging-related act you engaged in today. Blogging like an internet marketing pro requires you to be brutally honest in assessing exactly what you are doing on a daily basis to grow your blogging audience.

Dig deep into your tasks list. See what you are doing, and figure out how your acts are impacting your overall productivity as a blogger, and you can better see where you can improve your strategy.  Be patient and truthful in listing out your daily tasks and this dose of truth serum skyrockets your productivity.

Write Out Your Daily Blogging Goals

Listing your blogging goals on a piece of paper helps you to create a tangible framework through which you can work your day. Lists create order in your mind. For example, you might list out tasks such as writing 1 keyword rich blog post, promoting the post across your social networks and bookmarking sites and then posting 5 helpful, thorough comments on relevant authority blogs. By writing out each step you can complete the tasks, place a check mark beside each task and achieve a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Be persistent in using this approach. It feels way too easy in the beginning to toss out your notepad but you regret this mistake later on. Bloggers who list out their tasks achieve a higher level of productivity in the long run, as seeing tasks stare back at you from a piece of paper moves you into action, fast.

Know Why You Are Blogging

Absorbing all the practical tips in the world does nothing for you unless you choose to act on these tips. Knowing why you wish to blog helps you drive through any obstacles and remain productive. The highest achievers are driven by a strong, pulsating reason why they wish to succeed. This reason is almost always tied to some form of freedom, whether it is to become financially free, or to travel while prospering through blogging. By knowing why you want to prosper with blogging you automatically experience a surge in productivity.

The motivator needs to be strong in order to increase your prolific nature. Be thorough in choosing your reason why because you need to fall back on this emotion if you are to become a top shelf blogger.

Blog Daily

Bloggers boost their productivity by deciding to produce daily, right? By blogging each and every day you find yourself producing increasing amount of content. Blogging is an energy game above all else, not a numbers game. In the same respect you become more adept at blogging if you practice producing content on a persistent basis.

Write at least one piece of content every few days but practice blogging daily. Writing frequently helps you churn out content at a fast clip, a must if you want to increase your productivity.

Take your time when building blog posts. Be patient. Practicing your blogging skills daily can be frustrating at times because you need to work through your writer’s block, but once you are persistent expect to rock it out and boost your productivity.

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