Tips to Prevent your Computer from Viruses and Spyware


Tips to Prevent your Computer from Viruses and Spyware

Being plagued by viruses and spyware can be a nightmare. And if you have a computer that is filled with important information that your life depends on you have to be a little more than careful. Protecting your computer from viruses and spyware is easy, all you have to do is pay attention to a few simple rules, adhere by them and you will not be plagued by viruses and spyware ever again.

A few things that you could do to protect your computer from Viruses and Spyware are listed below:

1) Anti virus software:

There are a number of anti virus software available in the market today. However it is advisable that you only choose the one that is best suited to your needs and enjoys a good credibility in the market. The good software may be a tad bit more expensive than other anti virus programs, but they are absolutely worth it in the long run. Anti virus software when configured to your system properly and updated and checked on a regular basis can provide the protection your computer needs from the onslaught of unwanted viruses and spyware.

2) P2P file sharing:

P2P sharing is not advisable unless of course you are proficient enough not to pick up any unwanted viruses with the files you download. Often while downloading files through P2P a number of viruses get downloaded to your computer as well, without you even noticing what is happening. It is essential that your anti virus software is able to pick these threats up and tackle them. Ideally one should never download using P2P sharing.

3) Emails:

Often you may be spammed with a number of emails that you have no idea as to who the source may be. These emails could contain viruses that could infect your computer and render the hardware useless and also wipe out all the information that you have been working on for a long time. Make sure that emails that come to you from unknown sources are deleted without being opened.

4) Ads:

If you want to stay clear of viruses and spyware all together, it is essential that you maintain absolute precaution. You may not be aware that clicking on interactive ads could actually infect your computer with viruses, therefore it is important that you resist clicking on them.

5) Websites:

Most websites that offer free content by way of streaming videos etc can infect your computer with deadly viruses. To make sure that your computer is free from virus and spyware you should stay clear of any website that offers free content that you can watch. It’s alright to dish out some money from time to time to enjoy movies and music that you like than risking the life of your computer by making it susceptible to virus attack.

6) Password protection:

You may leave your computer unattended and someone may happen to use it and download a virus unknowingly. So make sure that your computer is protected by a password that is complex and one that is difficult to crack.

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