Tips to Protect and Manage Your Online Reputation


Tips to Protect and Manage Your Online ReputationInternet has had a deep impact on the way a business is run. Online promotion is the buzzword nowadays and businesses have begun using the online medium as an effective tool for marketing. But a business needs to be careful about how the online social media space is used and needs to keep some tips in mind so that a public relations disaster can be avoided. Even small business can suffer an online blow-up.

1. Online marketing requires good planning and execution as other aspects of business. This hold true for all businesses, whether big or small. You need to define the goals and target reach and audience. The business needs to decide the online channels to be used and they should fit in the overall marketing strategy.  You can start small and focus on a niche and be prepared for criticism as well.

2. Before becoming fully active on the online media space, the business should observe and listen to online conversations. You need to be aware of what other people including competitors are saying. This helps in avoiding blunders later on. You should also monitor conversations regarding your business and use Tools like Google Alerts. This will also help you in tackling negative comments positively.

3. The business should be ready to join the conversation and should be prepared for the pitfalls as well.

Plan your engagement with the online community and set up a calendar for maybe two to three weeks to start .The calendar should focus on the information and news that you want to share. You need to be consistent and committed to the community. Keep your conversation up to date. This helps in building trust. One should always be transparent in his dealings with the online community and if you are promoting a business, tell them. Don’t mislead and suffer if they find out.

4. The business should be prepared for negative comments and feedback. You should act in a prompt and positive manner. If you manage to satisfy the client online, it will go a long way in promoting the business as the one which listens and acts.  If you make a mistake, own up and apologize.

Tools like Facebook, Twitter and blog’s are effective and cost efficient tools for business and if you keep the basics in mind, will help you in managing your reputation online positively.

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