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If you’re looking for a more automated solution or tools to assist, here’s a summary of the tools for  stronger and higher visibility of your website.

 rmoov offers free for basic members and everything you need to do with a minimum number of campaigns and URLs processed. To manage link removal requests for larger or multiple sites, you’ll need the Business or Enterprise version. For further details on how to use it:

  • add a list of URLs in excel or any form
  • they get contact information for each domain
  • designs your email templates for and launch your campaign
  • makes and sends email, follows up with reminders, automatically checks links, assisting a reporting system for domain owners, cleans-up and automatically fills a record straight into a Google doc

Then you can now do the following:

  • rest  for awhile and reedit campaigns
  • checking and finalize your report
  • taking additional notes
  • send your reconsideration request

Remove’em is another tool that helps get your site reconsidered by Google quicker than ever. For more details on how to use this service, there are four simple steps to use.

  • uncover the bad links while filtering the good
  • contact webmasters to request link removals
  • track your campaign’s progress
  • export your results and submit reconsideration request

For assisting you for full implementation with your link removal process:

  • run a more comprehensive Remove’em report to identify those sites linking to you and provide consultation to assist you in determining which links you should solicit for removals
  • use proprietary tools and templates to contact the webmasters with requests for the links to be removed or no-followed
  • provide weekly status reports detailing our progress and assisting with any reconsideration requests you may be preparing

 LinkDelete will do the job for you by keeping your link profile cleaned up. There are three easy steps they’ll do:

  • analyze those links and propose which should be removed
  • deciding which links should be removed, will proactively contact those Webmasters and work with them to remove the links.
  • send you a full report that details which links have been removed, and what actions have been taken to clean up your link profile to submit to Google.

They help you:

  • save time
  • regain rankings
  • fix Google warnings
  • monitor results
  • analyze each and every link profile extensively to recommend which links could be causing you to lose rankings

DeleteBacklinks actively monitor each of their participating directories to ensure that no removed bad link ever becomes active again. If they detect that the link has become active it is removed immediately. They help websites through following services:

  • avoid Google penalties
  • save time
  • save money
  • has installed special software that allows them to remove your links directly

The end goal to have in mind is that you’re trying to get back into Google’s good records. To do this, you need to show them that you are actively doing something to clean up your links and once you’ve done all you can , try to clean up whatever you find bad links.

Christine, of Agents of Value, writes about good link building practices. When you hire a link builder from Agents of Value, you get an agent that can help you get your site back in the good graces of post-Panda Google using proper tools to remove bad links that are pointing to your site.

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