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It seems like there are hundreds of apps for each demographic, so it can be difficult to wade through the ones that were simply thrown together to make a quick dollar and which ones were designed with the professional skills of the user in mind. There are more than a few Android apps out there that serve a great purpose for sales pros and other executives.


GoToMeeting is a simple application that is designed to work remotely from the web tool of the same name. With this application, it is possible to start up new meetings that take place online, eliminating any travel time. It makes it possible to view reports and presentations as well as view presenters and other participants in the meeting. While sales negotiations are best done in person, this app could make using your follow-up skills or communication with your company easier while on the go. It’s free to download the application, though there are some costs that vary depending on the subscription the user wants to initiate. Depending on the features, it will cost some money to use the PC and Mac versions of this tool.


When files need to be readily accessible from different locations but on a secure connection, Dropbox is a free way to make using bookkeeping skills easier. Through Dropbox, all files are shared between all allowed computers and devices, whether that is a PC, Android, Mac, iPhone or iPad. This app can make it easy for professionals to have all their sales files and documents with them wherever they go. The basic user will start off with 2 GB of free space that works for files, excluding music, but some promotions permit users to earn more space. Those who need considerably more space can make the jump to a 50 GB subscription for the cost of $9.99 per month. Also, files will automatically download themselves to the Android by connecting to the Dropbox account.

Google Voice

Everybody can enjoy the benefits of Google Voice now, sales pros in particular. Some of the features include being able to ring all allowed phones with a single number, transcribing voicemail to text format and having voicemail sent directly to the email in the account. There are also free conference calls and cheap international calls. Google Voice can also be integrated with existing Google contacts, providing personalized greetings for each one, and free text messages. Sales pros can utilize this app to stay on top of their people skills since staying in touch is easier.


ParkMobile offers a major service for sales pros on the go. Most professionals have been in a situation where they need to go to an unfamiliar location for a business meeting only to find parking meters on every street. ParkMobile will notify users prior to paid parking expiration through text message notification. This lets sales pros know when they need to pay for more time or if they’ve used their sales skills efficiently enough to save a couple coins on parking. For a sales pro on the go, these apps can help boost your communication skills and keep needed documents at hand. While nobody likes a parking ticket, it can be more embarrassing should a client spy them removing one from their windshield as they leave a sales meeting.

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