Top 4 IT Necessities For Your New Business


For most businesses and especially small businesses, knowing what to do when it comes to IT can be a mystery. It’s definitely a large subject and not something that should be approached with anything less than a full commitment to getting it right. What are the top four considerations when making IT decisions for your business?

Top 4 IT Necessities For Your New Business


It has been famously remarked that all software problems are inherently hardware problems. While the person quoted was probably frustrated by the fact their shelves were two-inches too narrow for their servers, the point is well taken. Ultimately all your IT decisions are 100% dependent on your choice of hardware platforms, where your systems are deployed, what the quality of your network is and the costs involved for each. Getting the hardware right makes everything else easier.

Quality Support

No matter what platforms you choose for your data, your software applications or for development, having the right support staff available is almost as important as getting the hardware choices right. The very last thing you want to be dealing with is a showstopping bug or misconfiguration while customer orders go unfilled. There are many companies with managed services in Ottawa and elsewhere that make support systems like infrastructure and tailored IT support available to even the smallest companies, so make sure this is at or near the top of your priority list.

Big Network Capacity

While this almost goes without saying, there is another consideration beyond just getting the largest pipe for your outside data connection. Your business will grow, so you want to be sure you don’t end up the biggest fish in the smallest pond when it comes to room for your network needs to increase. Find a provider that has at least three sizes of service above the one you need initially. If you’ve chosen the right provider, you aren’t going to want to break in new service when your growth depends on it.

Best Development Practices

All companies at least dabble in developing their own software. Making sure you know how is one of the keys to making sure your development time isn’t wasted. Make sure your project managers and developers understand source control, the capabilities and limitations of your chosen platforms and that rushing to the finish line will lead to poor quality and higher expenses.

IT doesn’t have to be a mystery. With the right knowledge and sufficient patience, any company can get a handle on their strategy and have a much better chance of getting a maximum return from their IT investments.

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