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The advent of technology in the workplace has been a boon for company productivity. The down side is that it provides an opportunity for increased loss of productivity if adequate monitoring methods are not incorporated into daily office functions. Social networking sites account for the biggest loss of employee time and concentration.

Having written policies in place in regards to acceptable internet usage and access are good, but it’s a good idea to add a monitoring system to help manage loopholes in company rules. It’s critical to understand that the internet activities of an employee can put a company in legal jeopardy if they are involved in employee harassment, distributing private client or company information and even getting involved in illegal activities.

The cost of having to repair networking systems and loss of business during computer downtime due to viruses is a real worry if the web browsing of employees goes unchecked. Trojans, viruses and spyware are rampant on the internet and it only takes one wrong click, one time to take the entire corporate computer system to its knees.

Watching that cute puppy video on YouTube might seem harmless, but the bandwidth it’s using slows down the productivity of the company as a whole. A company that is internet dependent on producing an income stands to lose a lot of revenue in a short amount of time due to something as innocuous as this.

There are all types and brands of employee monitoring software available that vary in the types of tools that can be used to keep an eye on employee internet activity. Some allow you to block websites, while others simply monitor the sites and times visited. The more intensive programs can block private company information and data from being sent out. Monitoring incoming and outgoing emails is a new standard in business.

Keyloggers and PC screenshots are used when security needs to be very tight. Knowing when an employee has accessed files that they were not authorized to can detect a potential problem before it does any damage to the business.

The Top 5 Employee Monitoring Software Programs:

IMonitor EAM

IMonitor has the capability to completely shut down private business information and prevent leaks that could prove legally or financially damaging. It accurately monitors employee internet browsing, emailing, documents, file transferring and installing or removing critical or unknown data and prevents questionable activities and the ability to visit illegal or offensive web sites.

Work Examiner

This program works more along the lines of a “tattle tale” type system. Employees’ internet habits and times are recorded for further analysis. It includes top-notch filtering features that are designed to elevate and maintain productivity in an age of technological floods.

Spector Soft

The flexibility of this program is unparalleled. It’s able to monitor large corporations, small businesses or the home. The software can be loaded on an individual PC or a network of computer banks. Remote monitoring features allow you to access the software from anywhere using a Smartphone or laptop.

Pearl Software Echo Suite

Nothing is sacred or secret with this program. Emails, chat, IM, web browsing, file transferring and blocking the release of confidential materials. It will block private company information from being posted to blogs, web postings, instant message, emails and attachments.

NesterSoft WorkTime

Need employee monitoring software that can handle thousands of computers without crashing and burning? Nestersoft Worktime is up to the job. It offers all of the expected monitoring applications and allows for an overview of the effectiveness of the company web activities as a whole. If there is any bad usage patterns this program will flush it out quickly.

Author Bio: Michael Clark is pursuing a software development course from a certified university. He is working on a project related to applicant tracking software with his group.

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