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Whenever you are out and about on the town, and start to feel hungry, rather than just going to the closest fast food joint you can find you should check out these Top 5 free restaurant apps that are available on any Smartphone or iPhone. These apps can help you find any type of restaurant in almost any city. You can even search for a specific restaurant or have one randomly found with reviews and ratings based on things like food quality and service.

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This app is useful in a variety of ways, iRestaurant offers you a bit of everything that you’ll need to find that perfect place to dine. You can use this app to search for a specific restaurant of your choice, the closest fast food joint to your location or even a certain cuisine offered. Developed with simplicity for the consumer, iRestaurant works with tapping or typing in specific names or cuisines. All dining choices come with pins of different colors offering ratings, the address with driving directions and the phone number if you want to make a reservation.


All of us have wondered what is on a certain restaurants menu, but certain menus can take forever to load or even crash your search because of flash animation and music. Well Menupages is here to change all of that. Menupages has the current menus of all the restaurants near your location in simple easy to read form, including the address, phone number and hours off the dining areas.


Urbansppon is a great restaurant app that can be useful and fun to use at the same time. Urbanspoon is one of the most fun apps available for searching for a new restaurant to try. With a simple shake of your phone in your hand, Urbanspoon will offer you restaurant selections in a slot machine style. If you do not love the offer that scrolls up just give it another shake until you hit JACKPOT!

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Trying out new cuisine sometimes comes with confusion in choose what type of wine to have with your dinner. will help you choose the proper wine for whatever type of food you are eating and let you choose by cost and ratings.

Quick Tip

Doing math after eating a satisfying meal is never entertaining, so Quick Tips is here to help. Quick Tips lets you set a sliding scale for what percent you want to tip from zero to 30 percent, depending how your service and food was. Then all you have to do is type in the total of your check and Quick Tips will tell you the exact amount you should leave.

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