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Everyone loves a good holiday. Sun, sand, sights and, well everything that’s amazing and not having to work for the man for a while.

But if you’re not one to turn off your phone and enjoy the silence, then here are the top five holiday apps to download. They’ll help you find great places to eat, translate things into English and even help you to find Wi-Fi so you can keep up with the latest on Facebook.

First things first though, make sure you download all your needed apps before you fly. Don’t download or stream videos once abroad as this can lead to you getting a whoppa of a bill when you get home. For example, watching a YouTube video can cost up to £6 per minute outside of the EU!

This app is the most helpful when abroad. It helps point out where all the WiFi zones are so that you can connect to free or paid wi-fi zones for your laptop, phone and tablet. But doesn’t your device already do that? Well, yes, it’ll signal when you’re near a wif-fi zone but this app will produce a map too so you can get directed to your nearest wif-fi zone.

This translator app is a little different. It translates what someone says and then can convert it into English.  The app also works without a connection to the internet so you won’t get charged with for roaming fees or have to keep track of your usage.

Flight Track
Start your trip with your The Flight Track app and you need never worry about where you are in the world. You’re shown on a map where you are in the world, the times you take off and land, your gate numbers, weather forecasts, seat positioning and any delays. Pretty neat for a little app.

World Lens
This app makes sure you never go hungry again. No, really. You can scan in menus in another country and it will translate the orders into English. Simple. I would be interested to see if this app is capable of extending to product labels for a full multi – channel retail adventure in a foreign land!

This app makes finding the perfect diner, cafe and restaurant easy. Simple to use and an illustrated map of the area you’re in, this app is a real winner.

So these are my personal top apps for being away, which are yours?

Gavin Harvey is a fitness fanatic with an insatiable case of wanderlust. When not working out, he can be found watching classic movies with his partner and two cats. He loves music festivals and listening to live music. Gavin currently blogs for K3 Retail.

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