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It’s hard to believe that the first iPod Touch was released back in 2007. Since the first generation of everyone’s favourite media playing device, the Touch has improved dramatically, and in one area in particular – apps! There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPod Touch from games to educational apps; however, since the roots of the iPod are firmly established in music, it is only fair to keep it about the music. Therefore, it has been decided to seek out the best iPod Touch music apps and place them in a top 10 list for your reading (and then downloading) pleasure.

Don’t worry iPhone owners, the iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone, they’re even confused really often, so all apps featured in the list are fully compatible with your device.

1) Pandora Radio

One of the most popular apps on iOS, Pandora Radio brings internet radio direct to your ears. It is easy to use and compiles music playlists based on your preferred genres. The free app gives you 40 hours’ worth of free music per month and if that’s not enough you can upgrade to unlimited usage for just $0.99!

2) Spotify

Spotify is quite simply the best music streaming app there is. Having this app will mean having access to just about every song under the sun and you can even listen to playlists offline. Some music artists might not like Spotify, but we certainly do!

3) Shazam

We have all been in the position where we have heard a song on television or radio and not known, or worse, couldn’t remember who sings it. Well this is where Shazam comes in. The app provides musical identification, giving you the title of a song and name of an artist after hearing just ten seconds of a song!

4) Band of the Day

If you like your new music, Band of the Day is a great app. Install this app on your iPod or iPhone and it will provide you with songs from a new band every day. As well as the songs by a certain new artist, you will see a nice little information package telling you about their music.

5) GarageBand

Ok, so we’ve talked about listening to music but what about making it? Welcome to GarageBand. This app is the ultimate song sketching solution, providing a range of Touch and Smart instruments, guitar amps, stompboxes and an eight-track sequencer – a must-have app for making music on the move.

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