Top 5 Surround Sound Systems Of 2012


Top 5 surround sound systems of 2012

If you know a thing or two about surround sound systems, you’re aware that “5.1” means five speakers and one subwoofer. The average TV or computer only has a basic stereo, or a 2.0. system. Laid out mathematically, it doesn’t take long to see why you might want to invest in a really great surround sound system, but it’s not always easy to figure out which is the best fit for you. Here’s the top five of 2012 – give them a look, or if you want to head over to your local electronics shop, give them a listen.

1. Aperion Intimus 4T Summit Wireless 5.1 System. According to a review in Wired magazine, this wireless system uses radar-level frequencies. If you’re not sold on that, there’s also a MyZone button on the remote that tracks where you’re sitting in the room and focuses sound on your position.

2. Leon Ultra-thin Living Space 5.1 Theater System. Like the name suggests, this space-saving package from the well-known Ann Arbor sound equipment mecca Leon is light on space and heavy on the hi-fi sound.

3. Warfedale DX-1 Speaker System. It’s impossible to beat the value of this system. The boxy white design might not be to everyone’s taste, but it offers extraordinary hi-fi at an awesome price. For a smaller room, Warfedale’s is – in the words of Sound + Vision Magazine – an “inexpensive yet extraordinary system.

4. Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System. Also a compact speaker system, these speakers work portable wonders, especially for film and television. They spread sound wide and accurately for their tiny size and won’t clutter up your room.

5. Paradigm Monitor Series 7 Speaker System. This is the giant cousin to the Cinema 100CT 5.1 System – weighing in at seven speakers, it’s not cheap but it’s still a good deal. This system scores above and beyond on all fronts, and has a gorgeous wood casing that’s easy on the eye.

Speakers don’t have to be a bank-breaking investment, and you don’t want to toss money at something not worthy of your money or eardrums. These five systems sit well above the bar, so once you make your choice, feel free to turn up the volume.

Written by Gerhards Appliance’s – leader in kitchen appliance and home theater sales in the Greater Philadelphia region

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