Top Android Apps for Girls



Girls are always crazy about fashion, cosmetics, clothing and styles. This is the reason why new applications are being introduced in the iPhones and android phones that are especially designed for girls. Yes, when we say that they are especially designed for girls that mean these applications are all about styles and fashion. All such applications, whether they are free of cost or charge a fee, include extremely helpful information for girls, keeping them involved with their iPhones.

Top Android Apps for Girls

Various Apps for Girls

One application is the Looks. This application is related to make up and cosmetics. It includes all the latest trends in make up and styling, including a large number of beauty tips, and other makeup tips by famous make up artists. This application also keeps the users up to date about the latest trends. Another application is the Channel. This is linked with fashion and clothing. The application contains a number of images and videos of the latest fashion shows, to keep the girls up to date, as to what types of dresses are in fashion. Getting all such updates and latest fashion trends through such applications is known to be a great option for girls, especially those in their teens.

Other applications include the Fashion Sense, Pocket Closet, and the Seventeen’s Fashion Finder. The Fashion Sense is that application which provides the girls the styles with which different stylists wear their clothing. These act as guidance for girls to dress up properly in a stylish manner. Another one is the Pocket closet. This application can be of great interest for all those girls who have a large collection of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. You could simply take photographs of your closet and save them in this application. The Seventeen’s Fashion Finder is an application that is related to shopping. This application tracks the local store near to your location and allows you to access it with the comfort of your home. Through this application, you could get to know the various sizes and colors of a particular thing that you are interested in.

If you want to test your knowledge regarding the latest fashions and styles, then Mardo Fashion Quiz is the perfect application for you. This app consists of various quizzes that will help you test you skills. The questions are based on the ten fashion genres and so you could know how much you know about the latest fashion. There are many more apps that allow online shopping. If money is not the problem for you then you can just buy anything online with the ease of your iPhone in hand.  


There is a large variety of such applications, with each of them unique from the other. Every girl wants to have access to all such apps and enjoy the life to the fullest, enjoying all the latest fashion trends and styles along with the tips from the famous designers and make up stylists. The quizzes available also help to increase knowledge regarding the latest trends.

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