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In the past, it was not always easy to find ways of keeping up-to-date with your team’s score while on the move. However, with developments in real-time statistical analysis and mobile technology, the modern cricket fan is spoilt for choice. Cricket-based mobile applications provide not only facts and figures, but also blow-by-blow coverage of live matches, stats, commentary, and many other nifty features that would make any cricket enthusiast happy.

There are numerous mobile applications available today that claim to provide exclusive details, complete coverage of live matches, and many more features. However, not all of them deliver on these promises with the same quality. Here are five cricketing apps that stand out in the crowd and provide a truly enriching experience for any cricket lover.

1. ESPN CricInfo

ESPN CricInfo app is one of the most popular cricket updates applications. Exceptionally customisable in its design, this app provides many features, such as personalisation, push notifications, live game coverage, video/audio coverage, news updates, and general cricketing information. It also features a ‘lean back’ mode that automatically updates the scorecard without user intervention.
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

2. CricBuzz

This one is a very fast and nifty app. It delivers ball-by-ball coverage, news updates, wicket and over-based notifications, and also provides radio commentary to users who have the required network speeds. What’s more, it even provides comprehensive profiles of players.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

3. iCricket
This app is one of the best cricket apps out in the market. It provides detailed coverage, schedules information with native time display, video highlights and scorecard update widgets for the home screen. The free version has no advertisements and it is reasonably sized at 1.1MB, so it is not heavy on resources.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free (premium version available with more features)

4. CricketNext Live
This is a relatively simple app in comparison to some of the others on the list, but it executes what it does very well, providing features such as ball-by-ball commentary, wickets and bowling spells, highlights, pitch weather reports and expert video reviews. Its simplicity also makes light of system requirements, being just 520KB in size.
Platforms: Android
Price: Free

5. Yahoo Cricket 
One of many apps produced by Yahoo Inc., and this one does not fail to deliver. The app provides detailed information on scorecards, live matches, batting partnerships and line-ups, ball-by-ball commentary and news articles. Comprehensive international player and team profiles are also available.
Platforms: iOS, Android (1.5 and Above)
Price: Free

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