Top Five Android Apps for Real Estate Professionals


Modern phones have seen an impressive evolution in the last 10 years and have come a long way in size, aesthetics, and most importantly the functionality. Phones today are competing for functionality and each new arrival brings something fresh. So when phones are becoming mini computers, and offering so much, why not use them to your advantage? Be it an iPhone or an android phone, all of them now has innumerable choices of apps on almost anything one could think of, and for any profession one can take on.

Below is a list of some incredible applications that can really help out real estate agents and professionals, and make you stay one step ahead of the competition.

1.      Redfin:

From a buyer’s or real estate agent’s perspective, this android application is a great help by providing the most useful bits of information in a concise manner that can be handy for a quick comparison or even a detailed analysis. In this free app, users simply specify the address and get information such as the full details and property description, history, price trends, agent notes and so much more.

2.      Trulia:

Your very own search engine on your android phone that allows you to do a comprehensive search of the properties you wish to locate in any part of the US. You can search by city, state, zip or GPS, or have a more detailed advanced search. With this app you stay in the loop of what’s new in the market. If you find something you like, you’re just a click away from sharing it with your friends on Facebook.

3.      WHERE:

While not really a real estate App, this android application is like an honest friend of real estate agent that shows properties based on your likes and dislikes. With this app you can scout an area for your favorite places through your phone, see deals and offers at local businesses and then decide whether you’d want to live in such a place. You can view the likes and dislikes of your friends and get personalized recommendations for places you might love. So with this you can make a decision based on the surroundings, and not just the address of your house.

4.      Safe Neighborhood:

Let your clients choose the future home with care, especially those who have young kids in their families. This app provides a comprehensive list of threats that lurk nearby, such as sex offenders. As earlier suggested, this app is particularly useful for the buyers with families and those who want a nice and safe neighborhood for their children to grow in. for the real estate agent, this could provide a better selling position. The real estate buyers must thoroughly check on the area and location for suitability and safety, and this is just the right app.

5.      Evernote:

One of the most popular App on the market, again not specifically a real estate app but it has its uses for real estate agents as well. For example, when one sees a property, comments come to mind. With this app for the android people, you can easily attach comments, notes, and tags to the properties you wish, for a quick review and comparison later. Also you can search by your own tags and get precisely what you want, like bookmarking with custom notes. You can also attach PDF, Audio, Video and text to the listings.

As you can see, there are some Apps meant specifically for real estate buyers, sellers, or even professionals, while there are some that can be quite handy. With these apps you can restructure your real estate job-from searching to tagging your favorite listings with notes, or even having the option to create small mobile presentations for your clients.

J. Klein is a geek and blogger, he writes for Abbey Lofts providing Abbey Lofts London services.

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