Top Free Apps for the Nokia N8


Top Free Apps for the Nokia N8

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, productivity, or communications, the Nokia n8 offers a wide variety of apps, many of them are free.


The Nokia n8 takes entertainment to a new level. Gigfinder locates live concerts and events, and Shazam can identify any song from a 10-second clip. The free x-ray scanner gives the appearance of an x-ray when you scan your hand. The action/adventure enthusiast will enjoy the outstanding graphics and action challenges of the Ultimate Fighter game.

You can add fun to the camera feature with Funny Face, an app which allows you to create special effects from your photos. For fun with sound, try the IQ Barking Phone app, which allows you to set your phone to bark like a dog. Choose from the big scary watchdog or the little yapper. Or you can make loud horn sounds with Vuvuzela or Poke a Dog.

For more intellectually challenging fun, choose from Hangman or Capitals Trivia.


There are also a wide variety of productivity apps for the Nokia n8. The Barcode Reader enables you to decipher barcodes with your phone. There are two styles of Scientific Calculator available: regular and 3D. The Trippo Translation Tool allows you to translate more than 30 languages, while the Nokia Translator includes 45 languages.

The Nokia Battery Monitor allows you to monitor available battery life, including an estimate of remaining usage available.

The Nokia Shopping List app allows you to create a paperless shopping list on your phone.


One of the most popular uses for a smartphone is Web browsing, and the Opera Mini browser is a popular browser upgrade for smooth surfing. Bluevibe uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Internet.

Imania Java takes social networking to a higher level with video messaging. And the Qeep free mobile community enables quick and easy photoblogging. PicoMail is a free email app that allows web browsing, keyword searching, and spam filtering on the go.

You can update your WordPress blog on the go with the WordPress app for the Nokia n8.

The built-in 12 megapixel camera includes photo editing capabilities, and photos can be conveniently stored on an SD card.

Themes and Ringtones

There are thousands of themes and ringtones for the Nokia n8. Some theme categories include science fiction, technology, fantasy, anime, and cartoon. Ringtones are available in almost every genre, including Christian, classical, jazz, hip-hop, and alternative.

No matter what your needs and interests are, the Nokia n8 offers something for everyone.


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