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The current technology market is dominated with smartphone apps of major companies like Apple, Samsung, Android and now BlackBerry. If you happen to be a Blackberry smartphone fan, then you wouldn’t be disappointed at the fantastic apps meant to be used specially on a BlackBerry smartphone. You could have a variety of apps, regardless of your preferences. Whether it is games, music, or simple fun, you can get all the apps you want from the Blackberry App Store.

The BlackBerry smartphone is not an open OS like those that work on the Android based OS, therefore you can only get apps from the specific BlackbBerry app store. You can download a number of apps for free, and enjoy them at your will. Here we give you a list of some of the top Blackberry apps which are totally free for all users.

BlackBerry Messenger

For people who simply love instant messaging, the BlackBerry messenger service is just the perfect app. It comes as a built-in app in the BlackBerry but, you can also get the latest download of it from the app store. However, this instant messenger works only between BlackBerry to Blackberry users.

Personal Assistant

The BlackBerry personal assistant app is a great help for people who need to manage and organize all the intricate details of their work or financial issues. You can organize credit card balances, use social networks, create bills to be paid alerts and also get information on the latest shopping trends. So the personal assistant is a bag of productivity, shopping and social networking.


For all BlackBerry users, who are also music lovers, the Pandora app is one thing you would not want to miss. It streams music direct to your phone and you can also rate the music. With the Pandora music app, you do not need to store music in the phone ever again. The best part is you can get all these facilities, even through a simple GPRS connection.

WorldMate Live

If you are a travel guru and need to constantly keep yourself updated with flight timings, reservations at hotels and getting information of the place you visit, then WorldMate Live is what you need to have in your phone. The app provides weather check, travel routes, currency conversion and getting maps of the specific place. Besides that you could also check flight status or book for hotels at the stated price. A very handy app for the constantly traveling executives.


Want to know about the weather? Then use the WeatherEye app.  This app helps you stay updated with current weather forecasts and weather warnings. Don’t know if you could know a fore coming storm though!


Snaptu is a combo of sports, weather and news updates. It’s one excellent way for you to have a good past time reading through the various updates, as well as being able to access your social networking sites too.


Though you can use Snaptu for connecting with Twitter, UberTwitter is one app dedicated soley for Twitter users. Basic Twitter reading, tweeting, managing followers can all be done through this app. Not only this, you can also post pics and videos into the tweets. Sounds tweeting?

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  1. I got my new blackberry not long ago and now I’m looking for good apps to install. After the opening of Blackberry App Store the process of searching has become easier ))) And I’m grateful for the list of applications (I’ll install Pandora and UberTwitter soon)!

  2. I like the BlackBerry Pandora app and I am sure everyone who has a BB uses UberTwitter. Nice list of apps thanks for sharing.

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