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As you all know, there are many applications that are compatible with iPhones. However, the most important thing is for you to use the best and up-to-date applications. Therefore, if you love to make your life easy and enjoyable by installing applications on your phone, then this blog post is for you. First is to look up for what you love then you choose from that category. For example, if you are a game lover, there are many types of games that you can choose. This also applies to people who love music.

iPhone Applications

What’s App messenger?

This is an application that is compatible to all smartphones. This application has many advantages. Here, are a few of them.

•    It utilizes push notifications
•    It’s easy to communicate with family and friend
•    Friends can exchange pictures, audio, and video messages.
•    Ability to share places from devises that are running iOS 3 and iOS 4


This application helps you draw things. One can draw fruits, a person, house and so forth. This application is recommended to people who love to drawing. This application has its own advantages. They are

•    It gives you the ability to comment on drawing
•    One can share their drawing by either posting it on Facebook or twitter
•    It gives you the ability to save the drawing on your phone

Free music download pro

This application downloads music for you. The music would be fully featured and high quality. This application is best for per people who are music lovers. This application has its own advantages, as well. Some of them have been mentioned below.

•    It downloads free and legal music to your iPhone
•    It’s fully featured free music downloader
•    Support album artwork cover flow
•    Ability to select album or folder
•    You can change the settings as you wish

Buzz contacts

This application puts the iOS contacts on its head. This makes it more useful that the normal iOS contact system and also, it’s faster. This is a must have application that will make your iPhone experience lovely. This application’s advantages are

•    It’s faster and easy to use
•    contacting your contacts is fast and elegantly possible
•    It’s possible to use any medium of your choice, i.e. you can use phone, SMS, email or any method that you wish to use


This application is used by the iPhone camera. Its work is to convert all the short video clips in to cinemagraph.  This means that your video will be using animated GIF, Where only one part of the image will be moving. What you have to do, is to record a clip, then cut it down into a length that is accepted by the program (usually it is a couple of seconds). Then mask the part you want it to move. The advantages of this application are:

•    One can animate any picture that you wish
•    One can use the animation as your screen saver
•    One can use it to cherish memorable moments

You are recommended that you try these applications so that you can judge them by yourself.

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