Top Reasons Why Your Hard Drive is Creating Issues


Hard drive serves as the prime location on a computer where we store files, applications, folders and various types of other data. In fact, hard disk drive has the ability to store huge amount of data. For every application that we access, the data is extracted from hard drive to RAM (random access memory) for quick processing. When you close an application, any changes you made get stored onto the hard drive, whereas the RAM releases the space for other various applications.

If you see a black screen on your monitor when you start the PC, then it is a sign that your hard drive is having some issues. There may be many reasons for the appearance of black screen on your monitor, but hard drive problem is one of the primary reasons for the black screen. In a few cases, you may lose the entire data. At present, we have many tools to regain the lost data, to add new hard disk, or to replace it. However, the best way to protect such hard drive issues is to conduct regular backups and clean all the unwanted files or data from the hard drive on a regular basis.

Major Reasons for Hard Drive Issues:

1- Overheating

The very common reason for hard drive issue is overheated circuit board. As soon as the circuit board fails, the drive stops spinning. So overheating can be the very reason behind frequent hard drive issues.

2- Motor Breakdown

The next reason due to which your hard drive may not spin is motor breakdown. In the event of motor failure, the drive might fail to spin or might spin at an unpredictable speed. Most of the times, you might hear sounds of clicks from your hard drive. This sound indicates for head crash or corrupt firmware. Both the cases require all embracing labor from data recovery expert in order to recover and repair all the data.

3- Physical Damages

Other reasons for physical hard drive issues include broken write/read arm, fire or water damage on your hard drive, inferior hard drive bearings or rubbed platters etc.

4- Logical Issues

Hard drive may also fail because of some logical issues such as blue screen errors, cyclic redundancy, bad sectors or computer viruses or malwares.

5- Dusty Environment All Around

Furthermore dust is one of the biggest rivals of hard drive causing various issues. In fact, even minimal fleck of dust can result into serious hard drive issues. Dust is omnipresent and if you reside in a dusty environment, then it is advisable to cover up your computer to thwart the entrance of dust in your hard drive.

6- Magnetism

Magnetism is another primary root for various hard drive issues. A potent magnetic field has the capability to damage your hard drive. Every type of electric current possesses magnetic field and thus, environments having electronic equipment generates strong magnetic fields automatically and this can turn out fatal to your hard drive and the data.

As we know that all the internal parts of hard drive are extremely fragile, it is thus advisable to take help of a data recovery expert. These people are well versed and equipped with all the issues pertaining to hard drive and can thus, deal with the problems in a tactful as well as successful way. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, regular backups can keep your precious data protected from sudden hard drive failure. Don’t forget that hard drive is one of the most important parts of your computing system which can have issues anytime for any reason stated above so always go for regular backup to save your precious data at least.

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