Top Three Ways Capture Photos and Videos Without Fear of Water


For so many years photography, and videography, has been “stuck” in the category of certain environments or locations. Even as technology grew, it wasn’t the most cost effective to enjoy an option like an underwater camera. It was an expensive way to go for many years, but new companies and older companies have brought easier as well as cheaper options to consumers over the past few years.

Who are the big players in this underwater category? Panasonic, Sony and, the newest, GoPro.


The company GoPro moved its video camera equipment into retail stores like Best Buy within the past couple of years and continued to grow very quickly. The HD Hero, and now the HD Hero2, camera became a popular way for kids, teens, young adults and mature adults on the move to share their active and fun activities. GoPro cameras connect to bikes, helmets, and even surfboards.

Prices start at $149.99 and end at $299.99 depending on what options and lenses you want.

For those who love diving, they may be excited about the newest and most recent GoPRo product: Dive Housing. Buy any of the HD Hero cameras, mount it to your scuba gear-covered head, and for an extra $49.99 you can go scuba diving or snorkeling down to 197 feet.

How’s that for new and improved video equipment?


This company may not have a waterproof video camera, but the Panasonic LUMIX TS line is designed with a complete and Advanced Tough Design. What does that mean?

Waterproof, Shockproof, Freeze-proof and Dustproof. As Panasonic says, Quad Protection.

Never mind the GPS function, compass, altimeter, depth indicator and barometric sensor that the LUMIX TS line comes with.

For those looking to enjoy the waterproof part the most, you can travel down 40 feet before having a problem. Sure it’s not the 197 feet for scuba diving from the GoPro, but if you are snorkeling, you’re definitely covered.


Sony on the other hand offers video and photo options with built in waterproofing too. The newest edition to the Sony lineup is a full HD camcorder. It’s also waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. May be a bit expensive for some at $699.99, and snorkeling may be the only option with its 16 feet of depth available.

The camera option—the cyber-shot TX20—offers the same depth for “underwater moment capturing” but for half the price. This may be a better option as the camera offers video as well.


Of these different pieces of video and photo equipment, some may be better priced than others, but they all can give you exactly what you need to save your water photos and video. Choose one, have fun and enjoy. Time to capture the underwater world of fish and plenty of colors you may not see dry.

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Miscelleana Rhinehart has enjoyed taking pictures for almost 10 years. When she’s not saving moments in time, she is writing for NJ Honda dealers and many more.

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