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It would seem that we’ve given the good old tube the boot, doesn’t it? The popularity of television has certainly taken something of downfall and its main and very worthy rival is of course, the internet. The fact that you will dedicate anywhere from two to ten minutes to read this article alone is testimony to the fact that the strength of television is certainly wavering. Is this a good or bad thing or is this merely a sign of the times? Well, some may call it a natural progression but to go from one extreme to another isn’t necessarily a good thing. To split our time between the internet and the television seems like a much healthier and beneficial option. Especially where children are concerned, parents really ought not to consider the internet just another babysitting option because let’s face it; the internet is not a place for children to go wandering unsupervised. Growing up a child of the 80s and 90s, television was my life. There was a certain amount of time spent listening to the radio for trash talk shows and to hear my favorite songs play, but for the most part I, like so many other of me peers, was glued to the television. Television was how we found things out, how we relaxed, how we laughed, how we knew what was going on in the world. Some may argue that it has gone straight to advertising but guess what? The internet isn’t exactly devoid of advertisements itself. And there should be some sort of greater acceptance to advertising since that’s basically how tv networks are able to produce some of the shows we have grown to love. Television isn’t the evil lurking in the room anymore and with the genesis of more cable options, we can enjoy the programming we want at a much easier and more affordable rate. Chances are, if you’re trying to enjoy television on a tube that was bought circa 1990, you won’t enjoy looking at the shows. Why? Because television has come such a long way.

From both a graphic and audio perspective, the television shows that are made today are meant to capture more than just your eyes, they are meant to stimulate your mind as well! When you visit sites like you can see for yourself just how far televisions have come. The technology that is used to build and develop them has come a really long way. The sounds, the quality of the visuals, the sheer mammoth size of screens that can now even be wall mounted, all contribute to a truly incredible viewing experience. Watching television at home with your family is a wonderful bonding experience as well. I remember growing up in my family, Friday nights found us all with belly full of the piping hot dinner mom made (usually a roast of some sort, potato mash and Brussels sprouts!) and the whole lot of us sitting in front of the television to look at MacGyver followed by Tales from The Dark side. While horror and action flicks may not be your thing, rest assured that programming now has really upped the ante. With casts and characters that are more indicative of the diverse diaspora in which we live, we can develop more natural relationships with the shows that are offered because they represent who we are, were or often, where we want to be. So next time you feel like you have an hour or two to kill, instead of scrolling mindlessly while looking at cute pictures of cats, why not turn to the tele and see what’s on?

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