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Two weaknesses of mine are having the best gadgets for my home and interior design. While I love to stay up to date with the latest technology I also have a home which is rather traditional in style. I live in a Victorian home and I like it to look the part both inside and out. As you can imagine keeping an accurate Victorian decor can be pretty difficult when it comes to mixing in the modern technology without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

Having the Best Television Brings Me Great Pleasure

My latest purchase was an incredible 42 inch LED television. It is a wonderful piece of kit and the picture quality really is outstanding. It was an expensive purchase but well worth it however it did pose some problems when it came to incorporating it into my living room.

I decided that I definitely wanted to have it placed on the wall above my mantel piece. That removed the problem of having a bulky cabinet to place it one and it also kept it safe from the children running around the room. After I had my television wall mounted I found it ruined the aesthetics of the room completely.

A Television Disguised as a Mirror?

While looking for other options online I found a company who offered frames for wall mounted televisions and thought this would provide an excellent solution. While considering a gold leaf frame I looked deeper into the products which were available to check out all the choices I had and I discovered an excellent gadget which would solve my problem perfectly.

Instead of simply having a frame to help blend the television into the room, it was possible to turn it into a mirrored thanks to the addition of mirrored glass which was available through the same firm. By choosing the mirror glass you can turn the television into a mirror when it is turned off, the perfect way of making sure my room looked as traditional as possible without giving up my love of gadgets.

The Perfect Mirrored Finish

I ordered the frame and glass and it is now set up in my home and it looks amazing. When it is not in use the fire place simply looks like there is a stunning mirror placed above it. The mirror is very useful too and it works just like a normal one which you would normally find in a living room. The frame is stunning; it looks expensive and fits in perfectly with the Victorian theme of my home. I have managed to trick a few of my friends who always seem amazed by the newest addition in my living room when I show then what it really is.

When the TV is switched on the picture is still bright and perfect. You can no longer see the mirrored glass at all and the picture is not affected at all. I get to watch the best movies and television programmes with the most amazing screen and my children also love to play their video games on it too since the screen is so clear and crisp.

By choosing to have the mirrored television I am able to have the best of both worlds. Mixing the latest televisions with tradition styles has always been a difficult task but now it is simply and easy to achieve. Don’t give up on your interiors simply to have modern technology, you can have both.

A mirrored TV is the perfect way to improve the look of your flat screen. Look online for a choice of frames.

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