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Twitter is one of the essential tools we need, to properly build a following for our brands. It is not just the ‘following’, but twitter also helps to target the followers into remaining loyal, and cashes in that loyalty in form of sales. It is amazing on how this tool has helped bloggers and developers grow their businesses from nearly nothing to worth a thousands of dollars –and that is excluding the huge amount on inflows you get every day.

Importance Of Tweeting

Tweets are important but in order for them to be successful, you need a large following. Following is the amount of people that are keeping track of every tweet and message you post. These tweets then get posted on to the main feeds of your followers, who can either simply read them or forward them so that all their friends can read them. It is fascinating how followers grow over time for a particular brand. Of course it doesn’t hurt to use a tweet adder that helps you grow your following.

It’s not that difficult to generate followers but it is a long and tiring process. Every time you send a single tweet it goes on to the follower’s page who has his own network of friends. These networks of friends can then see what their friend is following and see the tweet you just posted. In return, since friends have similar interests, they too start following you and hence you just exposed your tweet to the new follower’s network of friends.

Followers Bring Many Benefits

This chain of followers liking what others like, allows brands to grow a powerful and strong network for themselves. This concept was also adapted by many famous bloggers where there opinions and tweets gained a lot of interest and attention and evidently people started to pay attention to them. For an electronic blogger, this was a great start as many companies then started gifting them their products to test, try and sample so that they may give positive reviews about them on their blogs. Since the blogger has a powerful network of friends following him, the product gets an instant promotion that is not easy to get on their own.

Why is it not easy? Because it takes nearly a year to grow a following of nearly 10,000 people. That kind of following can lead to serious power in one man’s hand. Many successful  bloggers have even reached more than that in less than a year but that involves you being more than just a tweeter, it requires you to be an inspirational opinionated leader for others to follow. Hence a tweet adder is very useful, just add the code : NATH20 and it will allow you to get a special discount coupon. You won’t get a better price than this anywhere else.

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