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Twitter Users traffic Surpasses MySpace


Famous Micro blogging website, Twitter is increasingly becoming famous among the users all over the internet world. According to a recent survey by a marketing research firm called as ComScore, Twitter website monthly user’s traffic in the month of August was more than that of MySpace. So, it means that Twitter’s monthly visitors surpassed the number of monthly visitors of MySpace.

Among the Social Networking sites, Twitter is ranked at number 3 spot, and in the list of Top 50 properties overall Twitter is ranked at #50. The marketing researchers at ComScore carried out a detail tracking of the user’s density on both the sites and then came out with their results.

Twitter’s lead over MySpace was not by such a large difference; the numbers as per ComScore were like Twitter is having 96 Million users and MySpace is having approx 95 Million. But the trend shows that the famous Microblogging website with the passage of time will be having a much larger user base as compared to MySpace.

The marketing research firm also worked out the fact that in between August 2009 and August 2010, the micro-blogging website Twitter grew 76 percent but on the other hand MySpace dropped by almost 17 percent.

Twitter has now transformed from a micro blogging site to a social publishing and discussion forum unlike anyother available. On the other hand, My Space is trying to position itself as a multimedia platform for young people. They are trying to pose themselves as the ultimate destination of Movies, music and game lovers. Both, as a whole, are totally different brands targeting altogether different kind of users.

As compare to Facebook, these sites are pretty small; Facebook has almost 598 Million monthly unique users in a single month, its growth rate is also staggering with almost 54% growth in a year.

Twitter recently also gave a complete makeover to its website, making easy for the users to view photos, videos and other multimedia contents. Twitter also introduced Promoted Tweets cashing on its numerous celebrity users. So, it’s a tough competition for MySpace to catch up with Twitter and especially with the increasing popularity of micro blogging website.

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