Types of Digital Print Finishing Equipment


Digital print finishing equipment is a great way to increase productivity while decreasing the number of valuable man-hours that are spent on finishing your business’s various print jobs. With these machines, jobs that once took six or more people to complete might now only take one.

The equipment can be a big investment for any business, regardless of how big or small they are, so it is important to find the right equipment to compliment the products that you are putting out.

Digital Printers

A good digital printer can put out your content at a much higher quality than an ordinary printer. These printers are optimized for speed and quality and can be used for any kind of general printing, from business cards to pamphlets, as well as wide format prints that produce high quality photographs and display prints of any type and size.

Digital Cutting Machines

These machines, while more expensive than the average electric cutter, are able to cut prints out with much more accuracy. These cutting machines will ensure that your prints are cut exactly the way you need them to be cut without any doubt at all that there may have been some sort of slip-up. There are also some digital cutting machines on the market that are specially equipped to custom-cut prints into any shape of label or graphic that your business or studio might require.

Digital Binding Machines

Modern binding machines are capable of binding any range of multi-page documents with alternative methods. There is a range of these binding machines available that use different methods to combine documents, including a thermal binding method that can glue the pages of the document together into pre-formed covers. These machines are great for guaranteeing that your materials are bound together well and in ways that are more customizable than ever before.

Digital Bookletmakers

Booklets and similar literature are great ways for companies to get product and service descriptions out to clients and customers in an efficient way that will provide all the key information that they need. A digital bookletmaker can seriously increase productivity by combining all the various processes for creating booklets so that they are made in one go instead of having to run the same booklet through again and again to finish it.

Digital Folding Machines and Creasers

These are basically the same kind of deal as the old folding machines and creasers. The main improvement with the digital folding models is that they are vastly more efficient and fold documents more quickly, more accurately, and in a broader range of sizes and specifications. Overall, they’re the latest and most up-to-date folding machines. The digital creasers on the other hand have improved to the point that they can add more creases to a document in one go, making them more efficient than ever before.

All in all, these newer models would be great additions to any studio or office. They increase productivity and efficiency while making everyone’s job easier. What more could you want?

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This guest post was supplied by Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Presco, UK’s most comprehensive print finishing solutions provider and machines supplier.

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