Types Of Psychic Readings And How They Can Help You


If we have a medical problem we usually go to our family doctor for consultation. Depending on the area of concern, he/she will refer you to a specialist who will use tests and measurements to determine the specific causes of your condition. These are the tools of the real world. In like manner if we have a question about a non-physical problem such as our love relationships, career or future events we go to a spiritual specialist who will probe the spirit world for answers to our questions. These specialists include Psychics, Mediums, Tarot Readers and Clairvoyants.

First, we must understand the word psychic. Each of us has the ability to see, feel, interpret or intuit non-physical events. Most of us do not develop these abilities. In the same way that a medical specialist spends years of study in his/her field, so too, Physics do the same. They are analogous to your family doctor. They study and develop their talents and then are able to help others by interpreting the messages from the spirit world.
Psychic Readings
In the same way that medical specialists become expert in a certain part of the body, for example, eye, ear, nose and throat or internal medicine, a Psychic may specialize in mediumship or tarot readings or clairvoyance. Their goal is the same, to help you find answers about past and future events.

Medium Readings
A Psychic Medium has a special gift and talent to communicate with the spirit world. They give evidence to the idea that there is life after death. By communicating with a friend or loved one who has passed, they can shed light on your present problems. The Medium is the transmitter of information from deceased persons now in the spirit world to you in this real world. These spirits can “see” your problems and offer suggestions and comfort to you. In addition, you are able to rest comfortably when you know that your loved ones are safe and can send you their ideas via the Medium.

Tarot Reading
A Tarot Reader will use a deck of Tarot cards to find answers to your questions. The deck is made up of 78 cards, 56 minor and 22 major arcane. The Reader will ask you to focus on a specific question that you want answered. He/she will shuffle the cards and meditate on each card as it is dealt. Each card has a special meaning. An expert Tarot Reader will be able to zero in on your question with a specific card or set of cards and thus find the answer to your question.
Clairvoyants possess a special gift, often present from birth. They are able to “see” your problem and give you a concise and clear answer to your question. For example, when asked about a person and why she seemed disinterested in me, my Clairvoyant friend said: “Oh, she’s in business and it’s not going well, but she enjoys your company.” Later I found out that indeed she was in business, that her business was not doing well and that, yes, she enjoyed being with me. The difference between a Medium and a Clairvoyant is that a Clairvoyant does not use spirit communication. They just receive instant flashes of information about your question.

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James has studied the various psychic arts and has been the author of several articles that deal with the subject of the various forms of psychic arts and reading types.

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