Until When Will SEO Last?


The results of your work on search engine optimization or SEO would last for only as you continuously work on its maintenance. At the very least, monthly maintenance is required to ensure that everything you have done about SEO is still a benefit to your site.

Why Your SEO Strategies Have to Be Updated
During your maintenance checks, you may come across issues that will require you to update your SEO strategies. One way to think of SEO is as the primary ad for your business – which in this case is represented by your website. If you change the name of your business, then your ad – or SEO strategy – will have to be changed accordingly. To give you a better idea of when you would need to update your site, here is a list of factors that commonly require changes to your SEO strategies.

Companywide changes

  • Target market –You may have started as a primarily women’s fashion website but now your business has extended to offer men’s apparel and accessories as well.
  • Product expansion –You may have used to sell mobile phones in the past only, but now you are offering mobile phone accessories as well. It could also be that rather than just offering products alone, you are now offering services as well. If your business used to sell secondhand mobile phones in the past, it could be that your business now offers repair or unlocking services for cell phones, too.
  • Marketing approach –Sometimes, you need to change the approach you’ve used to marketing. If in the past, all you did was focus on content-based marketing, now you are hoping to use other tools for SEO marketing.
  • Website redesign –In this case, the best way to think of SEO is as a map of your website. If something about your website has been changed, then of course its map or SEO has to be updated accordingly.

Keyword changes

  • Products –In the past, the words “cell phones” were most used to describe your product. Now, it could be that most people use the term “mobile phones” instead. You need to pay attention to how relevant keywords have evolved over time and take into account when performing SEO maintenance checks for your website.

Link changes

  • Dead links –If you have a lot of inbound and outbound links to check, then you can use a software tool to help you go through your links. Find out which ones lead to dead or inactive websites and eliminate them immediately.
  • Competition –You need to make sure that you are prioritizing high-competition or high-traffic keywords. Since rankings for keywords go up and down depending on market trends, this is something you should look into regularly.

Pay Per Click for SEO
Lastly, if you need immediate changes for your website with SEO then you should consider investing in pay-per-click advertising.

Be More Responsive with SEO Management and Maintenance
In the end, remember that a timely response to SEO issues concerning your website is critical. This is possible if you invest in a trustworthy broadband company for your personal or company use. Consult a Broadband Expert for assistance regarding this matter.

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Krystine Joy Sitjar is a blogger that writes mainly about SEO and Tech Topics.

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