Use Content Sharing To Promote Your Online Reputation


How can you ensure that people, blogs, other websites will share your information and your content?

If you’re looking for that viral sensation you need to put in a lot of hard work to ensure that your online reputation is maintained.  Let’s discuss some of the proven strategies for utilizing content that results in the most shares and interaction with customers.  Depending on your industry and specific needs these tips can be customized.  Controlling your online reputation is one of the hardest aspects of internet marketing; it does however have to be done to ensure that your business is perceived as a quality, high authority business. You need to maximize and optimize your content so that your website, blog and social media pages can have maximum marketing power.

·      Images mean everything – As the world is shifting to an image driven society your marketing dollars should also be shifting.  Sites like Pinterest are growing at never before seen rates in social media making the need for your business to create original images that are easily sharable your top priority.  One great social media tool that helps you create easily sharable visualizations of your content writing is Twylah, a service that creates a visualization of your highest interacting tweets.

·      Use polls and awards for links – A great strategy to encourage the top producers within any industry to link back to your blog or website is to create a ‘top 10’ list or the equivalent and link to them.  Usually, they will link back to you to boast that they made your list.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

·      Highlight your best content – If you create a blog post that explodes in popularity, a Facebook thread that has hundreds of comments or a tweet that has gone viral don’t be afraid to plaster it up on your front page of your website, blog and social media.  With Facebook’s new Timeline format you can now choose one post to sit at the top of your page.  Take advantage and place highly interacted ones in that position.

·      Post writing content when your customers are listening – Even the best content writing can fall flat if it’s posted at the wrong time.  With customers being bombarded by messages left and right knowing the best time to send out a tweet or Facebook post will separate you from the other guys in a big way.  One great way to do this is to utilize which monitors your social media action and then tells you what times have the highest engagement.

These are only a few great ideas to boost your content to make it as engaging as possible and have the most positive effects on your social media marketing campaigns.

Content and branding that gets shared does not happen by accident. Controlling and managing your online reputation is every bit as important as your marketing and advertising campaign. Perform online risk analysis regularly and monitor what people are saying about you so you can respond and react to manage your reputation and your brand online.

Veribo is a trusted resource that has been used by over 100,000 people worldwide. Reputation protection from Veribo is a proactive tool that can be used to control and maintain a positive reputation online. Your company reputation on the internet is governed by a number of factors that are not always within the realm of control. Veribo makes sure that your business reputation online is never impacted negatively by what others say.

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