Using a Mobile Phone While Driving is Less Dangerous Compared to Driving on Prescription Drugs


Many people attribute car accidents to increased usage of mobile phones while driving. Some studies show that the lack of attention and focus because of doing too many things at once can cause unfortunate events. This has led to many public safety campaigns banning the use of mobile phones.

Using a Mobile Phone While Driving is Less Dangerous Compared to Driving on Prescription Drugs

However, it may important to give this a thought: are mobile phones the only cause? Some people may not be too adept in driving, have low reaction times, or are under the influence of drugs. Actually, if you put these together along with using a mobile phone, then you are bound to be a danger on the road. It is true though that there are also some other people who can multitask and still perform just as if they are just focusing on one task.

One significant test of driver safety would be finding out the reaction time of people. It is true that even a two second delay in reaction can cause big harm. This can be a part of license renewal examinations. Shouldn’t people be able to react instantly to changing traffic lights? Shouldn’t they think quickly on their toes when they see a potential hazard on the road? Driver safety should begin with the fast reaction of the driver himself in order to avoid further accidents on the road. When this is settled, then that is the time when we can all deal with mobile phones, prescription drugs, or any other causes of road accidents.

The question now is: should mobile phones be banned while driving? Should this result to refraining from using portable devices while driving? This can be plausible if there can also be tests that will weed out drivers who have slow reaction times during emergency situations. While it is very convenient to put the blame on the technological devices that are in the market today, it is still important to look at the drivers and see if it is also possible to hold them accountable for their actions, or lack of action.

According to statistics, there are 40 percent of the drivers who are on prescription drugs. If we include those who consume nicotine and caffeine, there are about 70 percent of the drivers on the road who may be under the influence of any drug. Drugs can cause lack in proper judgement during driving and can cause car accidents just as much as mobile phone usage can.

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