Using Online Sources to Entertain Corporate Visitors in Chicago


Chicago is the business epicenter of the Midwest. The vibrant city is the home of the some of the biggest and most important businesses in the area. Many international companies also have their regional headquarters in the area as well. One of the biggest cities in the county, the Windy City is home to many attractions and one of the biggest airports in the nation as well. This makes it a popular destination for corporate travelers because of the ease of access to the city, the world-class downtown Chicago hotels, and the fun that they can have while they are visiting.

Any company located in the city has a great advantage over others towards attracting the employees that they want. As a corporate executive you understand that entertaining other executives is one of the most important aspects of expediting deals and maybe even turning the tides in your favor during negotiations as well. You understand that spending a little extra money on your visitors is a great way to make them feel at home and feel like they are important. And, let’s face it, everyone likes to feel important. Making someone that you are in talks with feel special can almost guarantee that you will get the deal that you want in the long run. One of the keys to attracting new clients or getting that world-class employee that you are after is doing the little things to make their visit comfortable and convenient. Here are some little things that you can do make your next potential client or employees visit simpler and more convenient so that they can focus on what you have to say and not be bogged down by the logistics of their visit to Chicago.

· Wine them and dine them – Chicago is host to some of the best restaurants in the world. Take advantage of this. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is some truth to this cliché. So make sure it works in your favor by treating your business target to free meal at a five star eating establishment. Use resources like Yelp or Urban Spoon to find the best Chicago dining.

· Provide transportation – Getting around Chicago can be a little confusing for someone that is not from the area. Your corporate executive visitor may appreciate a ride from the airport to their hotel when they arrive for their visit. You could also try to host as many meetings as you can in the hotel that they are staying in to reduce the amount of time they spend navigating the city during their visit.

· Sports – Chicago is one of the craziest sports towns in the United States. It is host to a professional team in just about every sport — the Cubs and White Sox, the Bears and the Bulls. Getting your corporate visitor great seats to a game at Wrigley Field is great way to break the ice and grease the wheels during your business talks.

· Luxury – People like to feel pampered. Try booking an executive a room in the best hotel that you can afford. This is a great step towards giving them an enjoyable and comfortable visit. A relaxed and happy client is more likely to make decisions along the lines of what you want.

Using these tips is a great way to gain a leg up over the other companies in Chicago that are directly competing with you for new business or great employees.

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