Using Technology to Enhance Your Career


As a society we have become more and more dependent on technology in our day to day lives. Information has become literally available at the click of a mouse, and things like smartphones and computers are becoming more widespread and accessible by the day. Your technology degree can certainly lead you towards a fulfilling career in today’s technology-driven world, especially with internet companies, but the real question is what kind of job you want to get, and how best to use your technology degree to enhance your career goals.


Believe it or not, teaching is becoming more and more technology driven. Instructional technology is becoming a major teaching tool in schools and specifically the hiring of teachers. When you think about it, it makes sense. With the evolving world of technology making its way in to the workplace, it’s only natural to have a student need to learn the technology. Keep an open mind in pursuing technology careers, because they can pop up anywhere, like in teaching.
Research and Computer Science
New technology needs people to invent and improve it, and this is where a technology degree can come in handy. There are a number of areas that you could go into, including:


  • Virtual Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphic Design

By using your degree in computer science disciplines, you can also help in other areas, like healthcare and space exploration. Computer science can also enable you to work with programming languages and would be a great fit for someone with an inquiring mind and an urge to improve the world.

Internet Companies

Using Technology to Enhance Your Career

The internet has made the world both smaller, by allowing people to connect to friends and family all across the globe, and larger, by opening up major resources of information, entertainment, and communication. Your technology degree can be used for building and maintaining websites, or for working directly for internet companies. Other uses for your degree can include app development, online research, programming, and technical work for internet companies, getting the internet out to people who need it.


The majority of people use technology and the internet to communicate, whether it’s between friends and family, or between employers and employees. With your technology degree you can become a data communications analyst, building and improving on the methods the world uses to communicate, such as the internet and local area networks. You can also easily become a telecommunications specialist and work on keeping the lines of communication – such as e-mail and voice mail – up and available for users.


As fast as people make technology secure, others find ways to hack into it or break it. With a technology degree, you may find yourself drawn towards the security side of building software, which can include writing and improving new anti-viruses, strengthening operating systems, and keeping up with the hacking world so that you know how to handle any new viruses, Trojans, and other malware. Internet companies may especially be interested in this, as a compromised system can potentially affect thousands of customers.

No matter how you choose to use your degree, you will find that the world of technology offers exciting new prospects and daily challenges. The technology field is always changing and always expanding, often in exciting new ways. Whatever your personality and goals – whether it’s to help people, expand our existing technology, or create new technology – you can use your degree to affect the world.

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