Valuable Directions About Ink Cartridges


Ink Cartridges, typically the most costly, are the replaceable ink holders for inkjet printers. You often wish your cartridge to last long, since you have spent a considerable amount of money on its purchase. So, to use it in more organized manner, there are certain useful tips to take long lasting benefits.

What to do when dealing with the ink cartridge?

For best use, follow the stated instructions when using cartridges:

* First thing to follow is to put your printer in switched off mode, if not engaged. In this way, you will save the power. In case, if it is not switched off, it goes to sleeping mode; thus, results in drying of ink from cartridge due to heat preserved in its active state. If instructions are not followed, it will lead to cartridge choke off or simply clogging.
* To avoid cartridge clogging, clean it frequently. The most common way is to take it out of the printer and vibrate it well for ink to get passed at all sides of cartridge.
* Use ink cartridge in printing draft mode, not in regular mode, to save ink.
* Protect your skin from direct contact with cartridge ink. In case of emergency, consult the doctor immediately.
* Avoid tearing off the cartridge label to protect it from leakage.
* It is suggested to unpack cartridge, shake it well and install it as soon as possible for better results.
* Avoid using cartridge after it has reached its expiry date.
* You should not refill the cartridge by yourself to avoid any damage.
* If cartridge has been placed in cool area for a long time, leave it on room temperature for more or less three hours, prior to its use.
* There is a green IC chip aside the cartridge. It is instructed to avoid touching it; so that it may not result in any kind of abnormal printer functioning.
* Cartridge has an IC chip that holds valuable information about the life span of ink; so that it can be replaced in time. Printers itself perform reliability check after cartridge insertion, so as to conform that enough ink is left behind for future use.
* If removed for use afterwards, put aside the cartridge from dust, placing it in a safe environment.

Most leading companies, such as HP, provide validity or expiry date for ink cartridges; so that you have a good idea about how long will these work for you effectively.

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