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I, for the longest time, had been holding out the move to a home office. However, the current economic outlook sort of necessitated the shift and so I now sit holed up in what I call a significantly streamlined work operation. Regardless, this isn’t the time (or post) to mourn my square foot related losses. This, in fact, is a post dedicated to the VIPRE Antivirus software program that I recently adopted to help soothe my recurrent system generated cramps.

A smaller workspace means lesser resources to fall back on. Consequently, I need to get as much possible use out of my (now) only system that I can conceivably extort; while also ensuring it doesn’t fall prey to the many blessed virus and worm varieties awaiting my unsophisticated browsing practices. The VIPRE software is relatively lesser known when it comes to other Antivirus packages on the market (read: Norton, McAfee) but the universal agreement regarding its minimal system usage procedures (1/2 as much as Norton!) was what convinced me to make the purchase. Fortunately, I (for once) didn’t fall victim to false advertising.

The VIPRE took an uncharacteristically leaner approach to scanning my system. I bought the program hoping that it would offer relatively lower resource usage but what I didn’t realize was that unlike a host of other programs I’d have been using up till now – VIPRE won’t be dragging down my system either with its multitude of additions. The software incorporates both antispyware and antivirus functionalities into one product. If that didn’t make me yelp with joy, the refreshingly traditional user interface certainly did. The program also keeps you updated on the threat levels at present keeping abreast of latest information by using real-time capabilities to the fullest.

The VIPRE shows-off all its radical elements by using advanced technology to rid your system off all the various malwares and viruses that currently plague it. The program was simple to install, easier to run, and even more effortless to get used to. However, VIPRE didn’t run an elementary system scan as the other Antivirus software programs I’ve used. It’s always sort of interesting to get an idea of how deeply rooted your problems are before moving onto the cure (plus it helps to know that you’re not paranoid and the system really is infected). Anyways, I can’t really complain with the full system scan VIPRE ran once installed. Also, once you discover the fact that the program allows you to scan and repair your USB devices, any so-called issues you might have instantly resolve themselves.

I’m not entirely smitten. I do realize that no antivirus program can ensure total recovery and protection. However, VIPRE comes pretty darn close. My system has been running dramatically faster and given the software’s superior technology I can (for now) rest easy of not contracting a particularly damaging threat (and neutering any threats if realized). Oh, and the company offers free tech (and malware removal) support for all virus/malware/both/program related matters. I currently own the VIPRE (basic?) home package but the company also offers an unlimited home option, which apparently allows you to cover all systems that you currently house. This truly has been a real find and a timely, cost-effective addition to my new home office. If you’re wary of taking my word for spending actual money (I would), the VIPER website allows users to download a free version of the program. Make the discovery by yourself.

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