We Could Soon Be Working By Thought Alone


Just 20 years or so ago typing was a specialised skill that was carried out by pools of typing experts. The reason being that before the dawn of word processors, a single error would mean you would have to begin again from the start as opposed to being able to simply correct your error as we are able to now. Because we do now have word processing software that is very forgiving of errors, typing is now no longer a specialised skill but something that most of us are quite capable of.

Even though typing may be a general skill that most of us have, there are times when it can still be a challenge to us. Tried eyes and fingers can make it difficult for us to coordinate properly and when this happens our productivity can slow almost to a halt. Typing is not the only skill we need and even using a mouse can become troublesome when we become tired but thankfully such issues will soon become a thing of the past.

All You Need to Do Is Think

As far-fetched as it may sound, technology that allows us to use software using only the power of our thoughts is already in existence. Special receptors built in to specially designed space-age caps can detect and interpret our thought waves and use them to carry out an action on the screen. It is true that as the technology currently stands the actions that can be carried out by though alone are very basic, but as further research is made the technology will continue to be developed and become ever more advanced. Because such an advanced technology could be extremely useful in military applications, the funding to see it advance will almost certainly be granted so we can see the technology develop.

Used All Around the House

Such technology will not only find applications for using computers, it could also be used all around the house and even outside the home as well. All we will need to do to switch the light on is to think it, and it will happen. Want the oven turned off? All you will need to do is make the thought and the technology will kick in and turn the oven off for you. Maybe even the age old problem of losing the TV remote control could finally be solved because there will no longer be a need to have a remote control at all.

Mental Competitions

The ability to complete actions using though alone could open up a whole new avenue of competition as players try to pit their wits against each other. Computer games currently involve a degree of skill and fast physical reactions in addition to speed of thought and eliminating the need for these physical attributes could lead to a whole new era of computer software that we haven’t even though of yet.

Crime Prevention

Having software that could interpret thought waves could even help us to stop crimes before they are committed. Hardware could be installed that will pick up criminal thoughts and alert the appropriate authorities before any criminal actions are carried out. It could also possibly help out in therapy sessions as trained psychologists are given access to the thought patterns of patients, as opposed to them having to rely on the patient telling them what they are really thinking.

With the technology already past the concept stage and working prototypes already in operation, it is almost inevitable that one day such technology will become readily available and perhaps even become a household item. Once it has arrived it will make our working days much simpler allowing us to become much more productive, and we could find our working days shortening. One thing for sure is that once the technology does become developed enough, there will be some very exciting innovations ahead.

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