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Internet is becoming so crowded these days that it is very difficult to find a decent website or something new on the web. However, I am going to describe here the top websites and tools of this week. All the following listed websites are free or they come with a free sign-up option, so users can make the best use of them without spending a buck. So, here are this week’s Top Websites:

1. Shirt Mockup

Well, for some teenagers or even grownups custom t-shirts are always fun with their favorite punch lines written on them. Shirt Mockup is a similar kind of a website that allows users to design their custom logo shirts. The website visitors can put brilliant designs on the t-shirts or put text on them .So, if you have a custom t-shirt idea, the best place to get it materialized is Shirt Mockup; it’s a completely free to use website that makes you create any kind of designs for your tees. The design that a user wants to get placed on the t-shirt should be either in a GIF or a JPEG file format. Once the design is placed, user can change the base color of the shirt using the color picker tab.

2. FaceReminder

Some events in your life are so important that they cannot be forgotten easily. FaceReminder is a wonderful tool that lets users receive various kinds of reminders via the messages coming directly on the social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It helps keep all the messages in the archives that one receives through emails and text messages.

3. File Thief

File Hosting is indeed becoming very popular and most big file hosting sites have either very slow uploading speeds or they have a very fast downloading speed. Well, this thing is quite inconvenient for users  who want to upload small size files.To play with small size files, File Thief is the ideal place to be; it is awesome free small file hosting website. The website guarantees good upload and download speed.

4. Voicebase

Mostly in Universities and Colleges, speakers and lecturers often record their presentations in audio format and later on appoint somebody to transcribe those lectures. By merely converting the audio of the lectures in to their text equivalent, the audio can be made available for search on the internet making it very easy for users to search that audio. A dedicated web service that enables users to perform this conversion of audio into text with a great ease is called as Voicebase. This web service lets users upload the audio and transcribing is done from audio to text automatically online. The service is free for users who can get up to a total of 2 hours of storage that is kept saved by the online web service for a period of a year.

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