What Can Happen When You Get Creative Block


Every successful television show had to start somewhere. There was a beginning point that had to serve as the impetus to full growth into a popular staple. Yet, for every great show premise, hundreds more fall to the way side because of the lack of great ideas that may be the foundation behind them. The following are some of the shows that serve as a testament to this creative block and the difficulty that can come from creating a powerhouse show.

Definition of Television

Blogging is a trend across the world. It is a way for individuals to translate thoughts and connect with people from all walks of life via the internet. Whether they are topical or personal, these blogs share information virtually instantaneously. Now, imagine this trend being turned into a television show. That is the goal of the show Miriam Webster’s Dictionary. Miriam serves as the protagonist and main character in the story, in which she will be creating definitions for topical words that are becoming part of our modern vocabulary or dictionary, if you will. Words like Frenemy and LOL will be discussed in this show, with each episode centring on a different definition or term. Potentially a hit or potentially a flop, the options for Miriam may not look so good.

Fashion Remake

Sex and The City had international appeal and for that reason, a do-over was of course going to be attempted. The Chicago Manual of Style is an attempt to take the Sex and The City premise and transfer it from New York to the Chicago streets. Three girls who write for a newspaper are the central characters. Fashionable and stylish, they conquer Chicago through their fashion and fashion driven conversations. Similar to the old premise, this show may have difficulty getting picked up because it is much like the been there, done that scene.


Another show that centres on vocabulary as a propulsion point for activity is a new show known as Strunk & White. The name comes from a play on the name of a grammar book that is deemed the authority in grammar rules. In this show, Strunk and White play off of the old law based show premise. There is the uptight, rules follower paired up with the free to be individual who colours outside of the lines. In this show premise, the two focus on finding criminals and solving different problems by focusing on the writing and grammar errors that occur in their works and writings. The risk of these shows is that it has been done before and very few outside of the writing world find grammar interesting.


The dinosaurs may have become extinct long ago, but their presence on television may not be so definitive. There is a show being considered that would bring this creature back and place him on the small screen. A show known as Roget is the Saurus is being considered as part of a television line up. The show would have a dinosaur posing as a human like creature speaking and walking about. It is a show that recalls ALF but in a uniquely dinosaur way. It is the traditional alien type adventure in which the family he resides with will have to teach him all of the uniquely human traits that exist and that can happen in order to lead a productive human life. Borrowing from the traditionally and often used taglines and scenarios of the past, if this show comes to fruition, it may just be as uniquely unappetizing as many others along the same vain.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica pulls from the Encyclopaedia Brown series that was so popular but focuses on the adventures of a mystery solving little girl. There are clues hidden throughout the episodes, including in advertisement, and involves the viewer watching for these special moments. Set in Britain, this show takes a risk in being much like other shows in this genre without offering much of anything different. For this reason, it may fall into the trap that other shows have already walked down.

Whether any of these shows will actually get made and aired is anyone’s guess but who knows, you could end up watching one on your Virgin TV before the year is out.

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