What Does New Technology Mean For Work Culture


Twenty years ago, social networking, or even Web browsing was pretty much non-existent and the usage was reserved exclusively by government officials. Everyday people didn’t even have access. Not to mention there was nowhere for us to go – the first website was launched back then, by physicist Tim Berners-Lee and it was pretty basic.

Surprisingly in 2011, over 7 million people are on Facebook alone, and most all of us in developed countries own a computer and have access.

Putting this huge marketing and business tool to work for you can land you in some pretty successful situations.

Cubicles obsolete?

Predictions by some top Entrepreneurs are that by 2020, working in an office might just be a thing of the past. The up and coming trend is a flexible, on-demand workforce that allows freelancers, and employees access to jobs, and to work from anywhere in the world.

The nine to five workplace environment has changes already, and is changing daily. With email, web services, and video conferencing, the need for in office staff is becoming a thing of the past. Giving employees a lot more flexibility, as well as the ability to become more successful with the ability to conduct business from the office of a client, or in the comfort of their homes. Stress levels are decreased, as production increases.

Companies are getting on board to revolutionize technology making them innovative, productive and highly competitive.


With technology advancing every day, and the use of Smartphones, pads and laptops, we can literally connect and communicate from anywhere in the world, and have the Internet at our fingertips at all times.

You can now communicate face-to-face, making the attendance of inter-office meetings a thing of the past. Why drag yourself to a meeting when you can be there virtually, at anytime via Skype or VoxOx. Even more video messengers are emerging soon.

More companies are employing remote workers from around the world, for less money. They can produce the same quality of work for less time and energy, from their desktops than they can sitting in an office. This saves the company overhead to lease extensive office space, while allowing employees to work when required, and enjoy life more.

On Demand:

Services and products can now be specialized and produced on demand based on customer needs and requirements. A service such as e-Junkie allows businesses or individuals the ability to sell their products online, without the traditional office storefront, with the ease of shipping and receiving payments through PayPal or Google Checkout.

The growth of online businesses

With the growth of the Internet and web based information, technology and access to the millions who use this access developing an online business is growing leaps and bounds. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a college student looking to supplement your income, the benefits and opportunities are boundless.

The capital needed to start a business is a thing of the past. Today, all that is needed is an Internet presence, a connection, and a service or product.

And the social networks that are available to promote and connect have capabilities of putting any smart businessperson in the black, and into a successful business.

The growth of entrepreneurship is phenomenal, and the youth of today becoming more successful than could ever be imagined. (Think Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire and founder of Facebook.

The opportunities are endless, and even starting a blog can land you into a successful and lucrative business.

The nine to five jobs are rapidly becoming archaic and will continue to fizzle out.

Successful online marketing

This is seemingly the business of the future, consulting businesses and professionals to learn the secrets of driving more traffic to websites, selling more online products and getting more leads.

The technology craze is upon us and we must decide whether to grab hold and embrace it, or continue the status quo.

Either way, technology has changed our workforce in a major way, and is continuing to change the way people do business.

Imagine the near future -most of us will probably never need to leave our homes to earn a decent living or become successful entrepreneurs. It is all right at our fingertips.

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