What Is A Lighting Tower?


Lighting towers are tall, sturdy fixtures with a contained energy source. Lighting towers are a primary resource for organizations wishing to light up large spaces. Most lighting towers come equipped with wheels or treads that allow them to be moved from place to place and even towed behind vehicles for maximum mobility.

These devices are lightweight for their size, ideal for many social functions, and affordable. When the only other strong light alternative is installing a streetlight or spotlight or running a generator, it is preferable to find a mobile light source.

Major Uses of Lighting Towers

Lighting towers can be used to illuminate any large, flat area, at night or indoors. Their mobility allows them to be taken into distant fields or large warehouses, and their engines ensure you will receive many hours of productive use from them.

With powerful lights ranging from eight to twenty kilowatts, most lighting towers are capable of spreading wide illumination for extended lengths of time. It is important to place your lighting towers a fair distance away from your activity or gathering of choice; otherwise, you risk the consequences of harming the eyes of or blinding your guests.

Affordability and Storage

Storing a lighting tower is easy. Simply take advantage of the folding stock that drops down, and fold the light fixture onto the top of the device. Secure it in place, and the lighting tower has now been converted to a convenient rectangular shape for storage. Always take care to shut off your lighting tower before storing it in a garage or storage facility. An active, running lighting tower can present electrical danger to its user if it is transported or stored while still on. Take care also to avoid leaving your lighting tower in the open when folded; while lighting towers are generally very sturdy and can endure rain and sun equally, they can corrode and their wire elements are subject to erosion and stripping. Make sure that your lighting tower is in a cool, dry place and turned off when you store it.

In terms of investment, lighting towers do require a substantial amount for purchase. Running from $10,000 to $25,000 these products are sturdy and long-lived enough to merit the investment; however, be sure to check how many you need before making your purchase. One may not be sufficient to illuminate the area of your choice.

Lighting towers are available from a variety of style, in a diverse assortment of makes, models and wattage levels. To identify which one is right for you, simply browse prices, kilowatt levels, and sizes. Remember to consider how much power the lighting tower will need, and plan your fuel supply accordingly.

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