What is Cyber Security and Why is it Important


With the advancement in technology and every company taking advantage of the many opportunities that the internet presents, there is an imminent danger. You must have seen many headlines about how companies and big corporations systems have been attacked by hackers, Thieves are out to steal customer data; passwords and other important personal information that they use for personal gain. Such data is hacked from companies cloud and therefore keeping that information watertight should be a company’s priority.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of keeping computer systems data safe using the best technology. Cybersecurity has been made necessary by cybercrime. In an effort to market their offerings, many businesses have gone online where there is limitless traffic. Without proper security measures, the company’s system could be hacked and end up losing critical customer data that might lead to a significant loss. In cases of breach of confidentiality, there are legal implications that are quite injurious.

Importance of cybersecurity

  • When your company’s data is hacked, it is not only a threat to your business; your relationship with the customers is also under attack. It is something g that could place you in some legal jeopardy. With the rise of such cases, every company must employ proper mechanisms to detect any malicious activity on their system and cure such before causing damage to the company.
  • In addition to losses and public relation issues with customers, cyber attacks may lead to disruptions of operations, this exposes the company to negligence claims, regulatory action, and this will ultimately destroy your relationship with all stakeholders; the customers, suppliers and your own employees.
  • Some significant portion of cybercrime goes undetected especially industrial espionage where accessing confidential information is difficult to detect. Your company may be under attack and as a result, you end up reporting losses even for years without detecting such- with that in mind imagine how many businesses close shop due to this.
  • As a company who works with customer data, it’s best that you outsource your cyber security to a reputable T. security services company. This is a company that has all kinds of experts who are well trained and with the latest hardware and software that is able to detect and stop any attempted attack.
  • Malware protection is one of the serious considerations that you should always have in your business system. Strong Antivirus should be installed for every gadget that accesses the company system. Again, there must be policies that govern the access of the company system with personal gadgets
  • To be secure, your company must follow recognized network principles and all devices must be configured to the security measures that the company has adopted to safeguard its data.
  • You also need to embrace media policies that help in controlling the import and export of the company’s information. Removable media should always be scanned for malware and the media and information type transferrable should be limited. This will ensure that there is no opportunity for attack.

Cybersecurity is an aspect that every business or company no matter the size, should take seriously. Ensure also that every authorised party adheres to the policies governing data and access to the company systems.

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