What is Student Insurance?


Students are in a unique position in many ways; they’re exploring life in a way that many of them will have never before been privy to and are therefore highly susceptible to loss and damage to their prized possessions.

It may seem to anyone outside the student community that you could lose one of your prized and expensive gadgets. A student is in a position where they could lose their whole arsenal of electronic paraphernalia due to their heightened exposure to potential theft, loss and damage – malicious or otherwise.

A student house is a very active community with the flow of people running through shared properties being an accepted facet of student living. Parties and social gatherings are commonplace and the amount of control a student has of the people that will enter their living space is somewhat limited. Theft isn’t uncommon and damage to goods is nearly par for the course.

More than ever, you can legislate against this kind of loss with highly tailored student insurance policies on offer by industry giants such as Endsleigh. Think of Student Insurance as a much more specialised form of contents insurance, with students in mind.

For example, students often live their lives in transit, carting expensive electrical goods from the library to the lecture hall to the home and the pub. Phones and laptops can go missing and many policies will importantly cover against loss as well as theft and damage. Students are perhaps the first generation of people who often thoughtlessly carry a veritable treasure trove of expensive gadgetry on their everyday person.

As well as basic contents cover, students are invited to insure laptops with laptop insurance, phones, instruments, MP3 players, bicycles and stereo equipment all of which can collectively be worth a fortune. We insure our cars as both a legal and financial obligation; it’s about time we started treating our costly electrical possessions with a similar monetary reverence. Student insurance is therefore a vital part of the student experience.

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