What Should A Blogger’s Desk Look Like?


If you blog or run a website on a regular basis in a big way, then no doubt you will be spending a fair deal of time at the computer, and no doubt this time spent at the computer will be an important time for you when you can stand to make a fair amount of money. For this reason then you need to ensure that your desk is somewhere that you want to spend time, and you need to ensure that this is a environment that is conducive to you doing lots of your best work. Here we will look at how a blogger or webmaster should aim to arrange their working space in such a way as to ensure their maximum productivity, and we will look at how to accomplish that here.


First of all, it’s very important to ensure that your desk is both tidy and organized. It’s very important that it be tidy, as this will give you space to think and it will prevent you from feeling mentally claustrophobic and cluttered and this will help you to do your best work. At the same time you need to ensure that your desk is as well organized as possible to help you to find what you need and to keep your desk tidy.


Your desk should also be the desk of a creative person in that it should be surrounded by things that inspire and interest you and the obvious reason for this is that it can help you to feel inspired and creative when you’re at work. You can do this by selecting a few ornaments or pictures of things that interest you, and that are preferably related to the subject of your blog or website so that you can be inspired to write on the subjects that you’re covering. Another option is to include a notice board and to pin up items of interest and things that can help you to come up with ideas. If your desk is too ‘dry’ with nothing interesting or close to your heart, then this will make it hard for you to concentrate, it will ensure you get quickly bored, and it won’t be conducive to good work.

High Tech

A blogger should have a high tech desk no doubt. While you might not necessarily need to have all of the latest gadgets in order to run your online empire, it can nevertheless help to a degree so that you can do your job in a quicker and slicker fashion. More important than this though, if you have even a single nerd-bone in your body, then having a cool desk with lots of monitors and input methods and a lot of power under the hood will create a situation where you feel like some kind of nutty professor which will help you to do your best work and also encourage you to sit down and get on with it.


It’s also important that you be comfortable and healthy when working. This means first and foremost ensuring that you have a comfortable chair that will support your spine, but it also means ensuring that your monitor is at the right for instance and that it isn’t reflecting too much glare which can put a strain on your eyes.

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