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Online purchases are not that bad if you know how to choose the right product from the clutter. However, not many online shoppers have saved themselves fraudulent sellers who pass off inferior backdrops as quality backdrops.

Following are some tips to take you through selecting and buying a good backdrop online without visiting a retail outlet in person.
Backdrops are available in an assortment of materials. Backdrops have an important say in the whole appearance of your portrait. The commonly used backdrops by portrait photographers are muslin, fabric backdrop, seamless paper backdrops, and canvass backdrops, to name a few. Read further about each backdrop to get the picture of the product that wish to buy.

For instance, if you wish to use fabric as backdrop for your subject, there are a number of options inside it, such as hand-painted backdrops and so on. Many a time, these backdrops are simply air-brushed that look stunning and detailed, however, that’s not genuine. The print could easily chip off of a muslin cloth. Apart from this, if the dye used is not cohesive enough to hold on to the cloth, the designs are likely to rub off on people and surface.

Purchasing Quality Backdrops
There are so many cases reported against sellers who display genuine backdrop photographs but sell the low quality product for the same price. And the tactics they use to market these products online are rather interesting. Sellers clutter the photograph of the backdrop with models or click its photograph without giving way to backdrop detail. Or, worse, use an image from another merchant’s website.

These are just some of the many problems faced by an unsuspecting buyer. Be vocal to the seller about all your queries about the backdrop and shipping policies before you place the bid. If you do not seek a prompt response and a clear reply, wait before you get past to buy the product from the manufacturer.
Let this help the photographers out there, to avoid making costly mistakes when you shop online for backdrops.

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