What You Need To Do To Sell Your DS


To sell my DS is easy if I have laid the proper groundwork for the sale. The proper groundwork means making sure you’ll have a smooth transaction by doing your best to sell a working system with working cartridges and solid knowledge of who the right buyer is. Here is a list of things you need to do when getting ready to sell your DS:

1. Make Sure It Works
Plug in your DS and test out some of the games. Make sure the console, cartridge slot, all connectors, all joysticks, and any other attachments work, and that the DS works with your display. This can also help you find out which kinds of displays your DS works with.

2. Test the Cartridges You’re Bundling with the DS
Plug in each cartridge and make sure you can use it with your DS. Decide which of the working cartridges you want to bundle with the console and attachments. Bundling not only helps you earn more from the sale but can increase the chance of a sale if the buyer wants certain cartridges along with the DS.

3. Find out and Arrange for Packaging and Shipment
If you’re selling your DS on eBay, Amazon, or some other online outfit that has buyers all over the world, you could need to ship your DS by mail or other carrier. In that case, you’ll need packaging, such as a box, some bubble wrap, and wide Scotch tape, and knowledge about what shipping costs are by which method through which carrier. You can research the costs of packaging materials and shipment by going online. You could also recycle an old box you already have but don’t need and use it for shipping, and there could be some excellent shipping tape already in your garage. Shipping to most places is either by postal service or private carrier. To use the postal services online cost calculation tool, you’ll need to measure the box and weigh the final package so you can input that information into the tool.

4. Decide Who the Right Buyer is
The right person to buy your DS is out there just waiting for you, but you need to know who that person is. Are you selling to a middle-aged legacy gamer who remembers the DS from his childhood, a twentysomething looking to experiment with legacy games, a nonprofit organization looking to provide clients or residents with entertainment, a legacy games club, or someone else? Each buyer will have different requirements and need different sales approaches, so decide in advance whom you want to have your DS from now on.

Having taken the proper steps, it has been easy to sell my DS.

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