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A new addition to the Nokia N series is N8 directed towards the tech-savvy segment to avail the opportunity of increasing returns by giving tough competition to other contenders. Though it’s by no means a head-on collision with iPhones it does have the capacity to run a good mileage with other Smartphones. The Nokia N8 release was much anticipated with Ovi service in the Smartphones segment of mobile industry. The specialty of Ovi software is that it allows your home PC to be synchronized with Nokia Smartphones.

This Smartphone had its first launch in India recently. Priced at a middle range of approx. 26,000 the Nokia boasts of a colorful design, attractive features and a software that promises you to do more than to just stand aside to appreciate. The Nokia ad campaign before the launch of this model was to “do more with technology” and gadget definitely holds its own in this respect.  The regional Gm of Nokia’s Southern Region has announced that Nokia N8 is the first of its kind to be followed by a series of devices powered by Symbian 3. Symbian 3 takes the honor of being the latest edition amongst Smartphones software around the world.

The Ovi suite enables the user to access a multitude of applications. According to the Indian MD of Nokia consumer is always the centre around which Nokia innovations revolve. Products are always aimed at user experience based on their valuable feedback. The Ovi services enable you to create an account, browse social networking websites and have fun with TV programs available on demand.

What will definitely make you happy as Smartphones user is the 12MP camera combines with a Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and a large sensor that is ready to compete with your compact digital cameras. It allows you to make high digital quality videos. You can also edit your videos on phone for a better presentation. For avid fans of HD quality videos the products brings a smile on the face by offering a home theatre experience with the quality of Dolby Digital surround sound. The good news is you can access national and international channels for news and entertainment like CNN, National Geographic etc.

For young users on the go the phone gives the facility to update status, share photos on location and keep in touch with social feeds via Facebook and Twitter. All this is combined in a single application on home screen. Even the device calendar can be updated with social events from your network. Not that it has as many applications as your usual iPhone, but whatever the application offering is you are going to find it a pretty satisfying experience.

Other features include 16GB built-ins to gauge space which can be upgraded to 48GB with a micro SD card. Plus it gives global Ovi Maps with navigation for over 70 countries for walk and drive purpose. Ovi by Nokia is the internet service by this cellular giant which can be availed at your home PC or mobile device.

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